Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cosplay Makeup Tutorial: Hyuuga Hinata (Naruto)

Greetings from the Dark Side!
*I posted this tutorial on my cosplay blog, but since it is makeup-related, I will post it here too!

Today I will be sharing with you guys a simple makeup tutorial for the makeup I wear with my Hinata cosplay. I have received tons of requests to do this in the past, so I am excited to finally share this! The makeup I wear could be way more complicated (I could wear lashes on my lower lash line or contour a lot), but I find that this makeup has worked the best for me. The white mesh lenses I wear are a little creepy, but I like how they make my cosplay look! Wearing lenses is totally up to you; don't feel like absolutely have to wear any. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

                                                                                                             Products Used                                                                                                
- ELF Undereye Setting Powder
- Lime Crime 'Lotus Noir ' eyeshadow (black eyeshadow)
- Wet n Wild 'Vanity' Palette (shimmery champagne and matte brown)
- Jesse's Girl liquid liner
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara
- Ardel Lashes #105
- White Mesh lenses from Honey Color

Face & Lips 
- Wet n Wild CoverAll Foundation
- The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
- MAC 'Pink Swoon' Blush
- Revlon 'Berry Allure' lip gloss


1. Start out by using a primer or concealer all over your lids. I used the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer to conceal any discoloration around my eyes and to act as a base for the rest of the makeup I will be using.

2. Use an eyeshadow or setting powder to set the concealer. I used the ELF Undereye Setting Powder.

3. Eyeliner is going to be your best friend with most anime makeup, so take a liquid eyeliner and line your lash line. You can make this as dramatic as you'd like. I went quite subtle with my eyeliner this time around! I used the Jesse's Girl liquid eyeliner.

4. Apply a generous coat of mascara. I used the L'oreal Voluminous mascara.

5. Apply false lashes. I used my favorite lashes, the Ardel #105 lashes.

6. Apply a bit of black eyeshadow on the end portion of the lower lash line (you can also go over that part with a bit of liquid liner).

7. Apply a shimmery champagne eyeshadow on the inner half of the lower lash line. This will brighten up and enlarge the eyes.

8. With a neutral light brown, contour the eye socket to add dimension to the eyes.'

9. Fill in your eyebrows with a blue eyeshadow. You can also cover the eyebrows and then draw them in (I  personally don't like doing that).

10. If you are using contacts, now is the time to put them in! I usually put contacts in first, but I cannot see with them so I have to put them in last. They do sometimes make my eyes really watery and it can ruin my makeup a bit (like it did in this case!).

Thank you all for joining me and I hope this simple tutorial is helpful to someone out there ^_~

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