Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: KKCenterhk Lashes ES A500

Hii hii Loves ♥

kkcenterhk is a company based in Hong Kong that sells a variety of products: from makeup, false eyelashes, wigs, and more. I was given a set of false eyelashes to try out by this company.With all honesty, I am not the type of person to wear falsies very often so I do not have that much experience with them. I have some drugstore lashes: Revlon, Ardell, and some other random brands. So keep in mind that  I am not an expert when it comes to false eyelashes.

I choose the ES A500 false eyelash set. It is a  set that comes with 10 pairs of different types of eyelashes. I like this because you get to try different styles of eyelashes instead of just one, and it is great for people who want variety or if you have not tried many styles of falsies before. I specifically chose this so I can see what style of eyelashes is most suited for me.

~Great quality
~Variety of lash styles
~Shipping time

It took about 11 days to arrive. It is coming from Hong Kong, so shipping will depend on where you live.

The price for the 10 lash set is only $7.96!
The cheapest drugstore lashes, for only one pair of lashes, is usually $3-5. So this is honestly a great deal. Price wise, you won't get a better deal, even with drugstore lashes.

[Again, I will be comparing these to the eyelashes I have tried. I am not going to say that these are comparable to high end lashes, because I have never tried any high end lashes]
Even for a novice like me, these lashes were very easy to work with. They are not too stiff or too soft. I was able to grasp them with ease and move them around my eye very easily. Of course, like with any other lashes, practice makes perfect. If you want a more natural looking pair of lashes, I recommend the criss-crossed ones, that are shorter in length, and thinner. My favorite lashes were all the ones that were criss-crossed.[ I use Revlon's precision lash glue to apply these.] These are very comparable to Revlon and Ardell lashes. In fact I think they are a bit better. I like the Revlon ones I have, but they are harder for me to apply. The only reason I would prefer my Revlon ones is because they come in an individual box and they are easier to carry around. But of course you can always find a case to put your false lashes in.

Here are some pictures of me wearing the lashes:

As you can see from my full face picture, the ones I wearing are very natural looking, and not all up in your face.

My Verdict:
I really do recommend these lashes, specially if you are the type of person to wear lashes very often. You can get a great deal on a pack of 10 lashes and you can either get a 10 pack of the same type of lashes or a set of 10 different types of lashes. I got 4 uses out of one pair, so they are good quality that can withstand various uses. I would definitely pick these over any high end lashes, just because I can't justify spending so much money on one pair of lashes, no matter how good they might be [I've never tried any because the price scares me away D:]. These are great for me because I don't use lashes often, so they will last me a long time. :)

Have you used this lashes before? If so, what did you think of them? What other kinds of lashes do you like?

*This product was sent for review purposes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

FOTD: Cupcake Thief

Hello Darlings~♥~
Are you enjoying your three day weekend? I sure am! I have finals next week but I have not studied at all! [Hehe...*insert nervous laughter*]

Anyways, I wanted to quickly show you what I was wearing today! I a very pink mood today. I will show you a couple of my favorite pink products :)

The Eyes
I have on:
~Lime Crime 'Cupcake Thief' on the entire lid and inner corner
~Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
~The brown shadow from the Wet N Wild 'Silent Treatment' palette on the lower lash line
~Lash Blast Fusion Mascara
~KK Center HK Lashes [Review on these soon. Once I figure out how to put them on xD]

Totally ignore my crappy application for these lashes D:

From this angle, the lashes look pretty nice :D And you can see the pretty brown color on my lower lash line.

Look at how pretty this shadow is! It is very iridescent! ♥
I really love this color from Lime Crime. The closest dupe for this color that I have found is L'oreal H.I.P. pigment in 'Exciting', which I also love. But the L'oreal pigments are not very cheap either, they are like $12.

The Face
On my face I have:
~Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream
~MAC 'So sweet, So easy' Creamblend Blush
~MAC 'Well Dressed' Powder Blush

And this is my lazy hair do. Lol.
And on my lips I have on:
~Illamasqua 'Underworld' Lipstick ♥

Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries and I had to use the camera on my phone, but you get the idea of the color, hopefully. It is a bright purple-pink with a very visible blue sheen. This lipstick is LOVE! The only draw back it that it is a bit dry.
Finished look: The lipstick looks like some sort of neon cupcake frosting~

I did NOT eat your cupcake...

Or did I????
It was Yummy ♥
Any question or comments, please leave them down below. Thank you so much for reading my lovely followers~ If you have any requests please do not hesitate to tell me :)
*The lashes were provide by KKcenterhk, but everything else was bought with my own money~

My Beauty Diary Reviews: Cooling Mask

One of the first My Beauty Diary masks that I used was the Cooling Mask.

This mask is supposed to:
My experience with this mask is as follows...

Some good things:
Well, it is safe to say that this mask does exactly what the tittle of the mask says it is going to do: it is very cooling. When I applied the sheet mask onto my skin, I immediately felt a very fresh sensation. It feels exactly the way that mint gum feels for your mouth: freeeeesh. It doesn't sting or feel uncomfortable at all. I loved the way it felt on my skin. This is great for extra hot summer days.

Some not-so-great things:
When this is on the skin is feels great, and the feeling is still there when you remove the mask. But it quickly fades and after that I didn't feel much of a difference in my skin at all. With the MBD masks I have used, I saw a noticeably difference in my skin, but this one didn't do too much. My skin did feel a bit more moisturized, but that is about it.

I think this mask is designed to give you a relaxing and soothing experience, as well as moisturizing your skin. But don't expect it to do anything more than that. It is very soothing, so maybe if you are having a stressful day this will help to relax you.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Review: 'My Beauty Diary' Masks

Hello and welcome to the Dark Side~

Have you heard of My Beauty Diary before? It is a very popular brand in Asia, widely known for their face masks. I heard so much about them and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. My Beauty Diary offers such a huge range of face masks, it was hard to decided which type of mask to get. I went for a pack of different types of masks so I could try them and see which one I liked the best.
 Price and Availability:
I purchased this on  Pretty and Cute.
It was $27.99 for 17 face masks.
Isn't the box so cute? It is Alice in Wonderland inspired  ♥

What does this Box contain?
  • Japanese Cherry x1pc
  • Red Wine x1pc
  • Strawberry Yogurt x1pc
  • Southern France Apricot x1pc
  • Bird's Nest x1pc
  • Mixed Berry x1pc, Black Pearl x1pc
  • Sake x1pc
  • Apple x1pc
  • Pearl Powder x1pc
  • Aloe x1pc
  • White Rose x1pc
  • Natto x1pc
  • Q10 x1pc
  • Cooling x1pc  (It really does feel cooling on the face)
  • Hyaluronic Acid x2pcs

The Mask
Every mask comes individually in a really cute pouch.The pouch has the folded mask as well as the the essence the mask is soaked in.
One thing I really love about these masks is that they are super moist, and they contain a lot of extra essence. When you take out the mask from the pouch, you can get the extra essence left in the pouch and apply it on your neck and chest.
Also, the mask is very thin, so it sits comfortably on your face. The mask is generically made to fit many face shapes and sizes, so it might not fit you perfectly.
It is instructed to keep the mask on for 20 minutes, but you can keep it on as long as 30 minutes or more. The masks stay really moist and don't dry up quickly. ^_^
After you remove the mask, you can wash your face or, as instructed, simply massage the left over essence on your face so it will sink into the skin.
After doing that, my skin feels so amazing! It feels moisturized, fresh, glowy, and healthy <3
These are great to use before any special events or just for a quick "pick me up".
Don't expect these to give you long term skin benefits. I feel that these are more of a quick fix kind of thing, but won't help long term unless you use them consistently. I have been using one every 3 three days or so.

~Super cute packaging
~Masks are super moist and thin
~Extra essence in the pouch
~Variety of different types of masks
~Leave skin feeling amazing
~Actually contain and smell like the ingredient that the mask is named after
~Not easily available in US
~Not long term effects

Here is two helpful charts to see what the each different mask is used for:

Chart 1
Chart 2
I will most likely do separate reviews on the masks that I really like, that caught my attention, or that I hate. So far I haven't hated any of  them, but we will see. I am still currently using them, and ordered a couple more. :D Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have a great 3 day weekend~

Have you used these before? If so, what did you think of them?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Review: Shiro Cosmetics Super Effective Collection

Okay first of all, this is called the 'Super Effective' Collection! What part of that is not awesome? At the sound of the name, I was all over these eye shadows!
If you are similar to me, Pokemon brings back memories of action packed episodes, trading cards, and possibly some mental issues. Ah, the nostalgia!
But you have to admit, even if you didn't like Pokemon, that eyeshadows based on Pokemon is pretty awesome. It is a rather original idea, and I haven't seen anything like it in my entire life!

~Awesome packaging! So cute and nerdy at the same time ♥ Love
~Colors are unique and very different from your usual colors. Definitely not your Granny's makeup.
~The colors are based and named after certain Pokemon
~Owner of Shiro Cosmetics is really friendly!
~Free samples with order ;D
~The sifters are really annoying, not much product comes out, so I had to take the sifter off
~Team Rocket might try to steal them D:<

Price and Availability:
You can purchase these on the Shiro Cosmetics website.
Sample- $1
Mini- $
Full Size- $5

Colors I Purchased (All Full Sized)  and Color Description from Shiro Cosmetics Website
"Dark purple-black with red glitter" 
"Vivid opaque bright purple with shimmery blue undertones"
"Dusky, shimmery, semi-sheer blue with a violet tinge" 
~Lance the Dragon Trainer 
"Deep, rich, shimmering indigo with golden sparks glitter"
"Sheer, shimmery, medium purple with blue tones" 
"Medium purple with bold green shimmer and lime glitter"
"Soft yet bright shimmery orange, with yellow undertones and just a hint of gold" 
"Rich, opaque brown with strong silver-gray shimmer"
 "Shimmering cream with coppery shimmer"
"Pale, cream-gold tangerine, loaded with red eye-safe glitter"
I love the description for 'Zubat' and 'Golem' on the Shiro Cosmetics website:

"I hate Zubat. You're just trying to make your way through the crazy-long cave, and your Pokemon are at half-health and poisoned, and you still have a couple more trainers to go but the exit is almost in sight, and you know you can make it! But then a wild Zubat appears and uses Supersonic and you can't escape and AUGH I HATE YOU ZUBAT"

"When I was a nerdy little 8-year-old, I suggested that our geography class nickname ourselves "The Geo-Dudes." No wonder I got beat up all the time."

Packaging <3

 Like I mentioned above, the only bad thing I have to say for the packaging is the sifters. I can't get much product out with the sifter on, so I had to remove the sifter. Problem solved.

Gengar and Rattata
Gengar and Rattata on the left; Zubat and Lance the DT on the right
My favorite colors out the bunch are: Rattata and Lance the Dragon Trainer
Lance the Dragon Trainer
All of these colors are really unique. Lance the Dragon Trainer, for example, is a gorgeous purple toned blue with tons of shimmer, as well as some yellow glitter. It is really cool. I think I also like it a lot because Lance was such an awesome character, he was like the most badass trainer Ever! And he had a cool cape and flew around with his Dragonite. Okay I'm going to shut up now, I am starting to feel like a huge nerd.

Which Pokemon would you like to catch? 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

EOTD: Tarina Tarantino Palette Girls Night Out

 Hii ♥
Last night was a really fun night out with some of my friends. I wanted to do a fun, bright look that would be eye catching and bold. Since I had promised you guys another EOTD using the Tarina Tarantino palette, I did a look using all the colors in the palette. :0
This is the look [I took these pictures likes at 10pm so the lighting is not good :( ]:

 What Colors I have on my Eye:
~#2 on the lid with a bit of #1 on the inner corners and the center of the lid
~#4 on the crease
~#3 on the lower lash line
~#5 on the inner part of the crease
~I also applied some purple liner on my waterline, just for an extra touch of purple
~Wet n Wild Blush 'Pearlescent Pink'
~Lips: just lip balm

This was a really fun look to wear; the silver reflects really nicely in bright lights, and the purple and teal make it super bright. Great for nights out on the town ;) I hope you like it ♥

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EOTD: Shiro Cosmetics 'Midna'

I don't know about you guys, but many days I am way too lazy to do a complicated eye look just to go to school/work/ect... Many days, my eye makeup consists of only one eyeshadow and mascara. That is what I did today ^_^

What I am wearing:
~Shiro Cosmetics 'Midna' eyeshadow
~Lash Blast Mascara

It is not the most interesting look, but it was easy and it works :D

Also, just a quiiiick update: I have finals coming up soon, and I am up to my neck in homework, essays, and a lot of other stuff :/ So, I will probably only be doing really short posts until after my finals [except my Shiro Cosmetics Pokemon post which is almost done].

Hope you guys have a lovely week! And thank you Mimi for the Dr Jart BB cream samples!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NOTD: Essie 'Absolutely Shore' Braziliant Collection

Hi dollies ♥

Yesterday, I found this little baby at Rite Aid, and I couldn't help but buy it D:
I have been looking at several different Rite Aid for the blue polish from this collection called 'Smooth Sailing' but I cannot find it. In every display I see, it is already gone T_T But I am happy I was able to find this one!

'Absolutely Shore' is a white mint green, with a slight blue undertone. It is so light, it sometimes looks white. I have nothing like this is my nail polish collection, an I have a good amount of light minty greens. The formula is okay, if you are not careful it might look streaky. I used 2 coats, but three coats might be better.

I ♥ this color. I wish the formula was a little better though. This collection is very nice, although the other colors don't really call out to me [except for Smooth Sailing of course].
What do you think of this collection?