Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: ELF 'Pink Passion' Blush

Recently, I have been so obsessed with this ELF blush that I purchased at Target. I bought it on a whim because it looked pretty, and I am so in love with it.I have been wearing this so often, and I am so glad I purchased it &heart;

Price and Availability:
This was $3 at Target, but you can also purchase the blushes on the ELF website.

If you have seen ELF products, then you will know that they look a bit similar to NARS packaging. They come a in a sleek black compact with a small "window" so you can see what color the blush is. The packaging is a little cheap, but then again, ELF is a cheap, affordable brand.

 Product Review:
As for the blush itself, I really love the color. It is a bright pink that is super wearable. It is not super dark or too light. The only problem I have with ELF blushes is that when you use the blush, the blush in the pan starts to get a weird texture. The blush becomes a bit rough and bumpy. You can see in the picture below what I mean. See how one spot looks very weird? It looks bumpy. Although that does not change the way the blush works or looks on the skin, I hate that it looks like that. It is so unappealing and gross.
Can you see the weird texture?
 The blush glides on smooth. As you can see, the color is very pigmented, but not overtly pigmented.
Product Comparison:
When I first bought this, I thought it was a dupe for MAC 'Pink Swoon' [which I love]. But when I swatched them together, I realized that they were pretty different. 'Pink Swoon' is much lighter. I think that "Pink Passion' is just a brighter version of 'Pink Swoon.'

~Really cheap
~Good quality
~Amazing color
~Good for light AND darker skin
~Easy to find if you have a Target nearby

~The blush gets a weird texture after a couple uses
~Might be not easily accessible if you don't have a Target, then you have to buy online

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  1. i have pretty much all of the ELF studio bronzer, but not the blusher, i was gonna buy one when i was in Cinncinatti, but end up getting smth else from target~~~BTW PINk swoon is my fav blusher too, i wear it like almost all the time it just goes with all the looks~~~

  2. a lot of my fren said that ELF is really a promising brand, but I've never tried one of them before. thanks for sharing =)

  3. love this color!! it does have a weird texture, but its cheap and the color goes on lovely!! i would definitely buy it for myself <3

  4. i think we have elf locally. will have to check this blush out in person. =) thanks for the review dear!

    yes, it does seem like the texture is kind of weird... >,<

  5. Oh wow, I really like that shade! I love how ELF is so inexpensive!
    But not sure about the weird texture.. eeeks.


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