Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: Lime Crime 'Airborne Unicorne' Lipstick

Well hello! I am excited to show this lipstick to you guys ♥ I have been loving it for spring time :)

 Swatch on my hand
 Swatched on my Lips

Barely put on my lips
After 3 hours
Lipstick removed from my lips
~I love the color, very similar to MAC 'Lavender Whip' Lipstick
~I love the packaging! [Some people do not, but I do]
~Smells like vanilla, and the smell is not overwhelming
~After you take the lipstick off [ or it fades on its own] it leaves a subtle reddish tint

~Pricey. At $16 each, it is more expensive than MAC lipsticks.
~It doesn't last very long [max wear for me is about 3-4 hours]
~After 2-3 hours it can start to look patchy
~The tube, although cute, is a bit flimsy. I dropped mine and it cracked a bit on the lid of the tube :(

Although there are some cons to this lipstick, I still really like it. I love the color and I love the fact that it tints my lips. Lime Crime has a lot of unusual colors, and I like that. I love purple lipsticks, which are not too common with other brands besides MAC and Illamsaqua [that I know of anyways...] I am sure you can find some other dupes for this, so if you like this color you can check some other brands out.

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  1. what a lovely color~although i think i would look weird on me:)

  2. want! i really want their d'lilac, i'm into purple lips too :)

  3. I've got the Retrofuturist shade, and while I love the color, the damn thing snaps off whenever I look at it, and it's really drying (and staining) on my lips :( Found a close-ish dupe from Nyx, which has served me better.

    But MAN I love the packaging.

  4. I love purple lipsticks too, mostly ones that lean toward a blood red. But this is a true purple, haha :p I do like the reddish tint after a few hrs :)

  5. SO glad you did this post! I was looking at buying this but wasn't sure. The purple is soooo pretty! Think it needs to be purchased... lol

  6. it looks beautiful on you but i don't think i can wear a color like this. :)

  7. YAY! I love this lipstick too. My local department store (well one of the three in my city) has Lime Crime lipsticks.

    But they're pretty pricey here... I'm thinking about getting D'Lilac also but I'm not sure.


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