Monday, April 25, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches and Review: The Legends Collection

Hi Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! If you do not celebrate Easter, then I hope you still had a great time.

In my previous post I talked a little about Shiro Cosmetics, a store on that sells vegan makeup. I purchased a couple of pigments from the Zelda collection.I was really drawn to this collection because I love Zelda, and I have played most of the Zelda games.
I purchased:

1) Puzzle Cube
~A white shadow with tons of multicolored shimmer. I do not know exactly what they were getting at with the name 'Puzzle Cube'. Zelda games are always chucked full  of puzzles so I guess that is what they meant.
Cons: The shimmers are very prominent, so fall out is a bit of an issue. I use my Pixie Epoxy with this to ensure the least amount of fall out. Also, the formula can be a little gritty.

~A reddish, golden brown, with subtle hints of green shimmer. This is a PERFECT color for the Deku tree. When I saw this, I was like "Must have!" and slight saliva drooling from my mouth. This is a great neutral that is definitely not your grandma's neutral eyeshadow. The Deku tree was one of the prominent characters that I remember from Ocarina of Time, and it also came out in Wind Waker. The color really catches the essence of the Deku tree.
Great Deku tree

3)Majora's Mask
~A bright blue based purple with gold and pink shimmers. This color is very nostalgic. I remember playing Majora's Mask as a child, and it really pissed me off. It was a really difficult game! But of course, this color really caught my eye: its purple, and the color of the pigment is a great representation of Majora's Mask.
Cons: The beautiful shimmers can be lost if you blend the color too much. And if you do blend too much, you can also make the color bland. It loses its vibrancy and it becomes greyed and dull.

~Beautiful teal-ish/purple-ish dark blue with pink and purple shimmers. This color is simply amazing. It has a really nice depth to it, and it makes describing the color rather difficult. Veran is the antagonist of Oracles of Ages. I never played this game, so I can't say too much about her. But from what I see, the colors really do represent Veran accurately. I think she is a really awesome character to translate into an eyeshadow!

5) Midna
~A blue grey with teal/blue shimmer. Midna is one of the main characters of Twilight Princess [Awesome game!I have played it countless of times! Although, not as great as Ocarina of Time, but nothing really compares to Ocarina Of Time]. I love the character of Midna, and she ends up being the Twilight Princess [At first I thought it was going to be Zelda]. If they really wanted to capture the essence of Midna, I feel that it would have been appropriate to add some orange to the mix. Maybe a subtle orange shimmer? But regardless it is a really nice color.
Midna. See, her orange hair really stands out!
$5 for a full size jar.

I loooove the packaging!
I really love the fact that the Triforce is on the top of each jar. The only problem I had with the jars is that each one is packed with pigment[that is a good thing :)], so much so that nothing comes through the sifter. I had to remove the sifter in order to get product. It wasn't too bad I guess.

Puzzle Cube and Deku

Majora's Mask, Veran, Midna

Overall Thoughts:
Even if you do not like Zelda, or do not know what it is [>_<], these colors are really awesome. I liked all five colors, my favorites are the last three. I can't pick one favorite, but I could pick my least favorite: Puzzle Cube. The formula of these are great, except for Puzzle Cube, it can be slightly gritty. So overall, these are unique colors that you will most likely not find in department or drug store eyeshadows. That in itself makes these worth having. :)


  1. Nice swatches! I like Majora's Mask and Veron most i think. Midna looks interesting as well.

    I love the Zelda theme since....I love Zelda! But can I really consider myself a fan if I STILL haven't played Orcarina of Time or finished Twilight Princess? (I've been meaning to though! lol)

    I think I would be tempted to check these out...I'm glad you posted about this or I might not have ever heard about these!

  2. amazing pigmentation! zelda is an old computer game i think. :)

  3. I love the blue variation among this color range. Nice illustration for color effect as color cosmetics.


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