Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lime Crime Tutorial Series: 'Little Mystery' Look

For a while now I have been obsessed with the makeup tutorials on the Lime Crime website. I have done one look before, a rainbow eyeshadow look [See Here]. I follow the tutorial, and sometimes modify the look slightly. You can do these looks with any products you want to use, but for this one I use some of the Lime Crime products and one shadow from my Coastal Scents 88 palette.

*I am affiliated with Lime Crime now, but I am not required to do these or to use their products. I am merely doing this for fun, and because I have loved their tutorials even before I was affiliated with them and before I had ever purchased any of their products. All items shown were purchased by me.

Here is the look from Lime Crime:
Link to the Lime Crime tutorial:

My Version:
[You will notice I added some purple lashes. I don;t usually wear lashes, so I applied them a little messy]
*I am not sure why, but the eyeshadows were washed out in the pictures. It is actually somewhat brighter in person.

What I used:
~Lime Crime 'Cupcake Thief'
~Lime Crime 'Twilight'
~Lime Crime 'Empress'
~Lime Crime 'Medusa'
~A pink color from the Coastal Scents 88 palette
(The tutorial uses Lime Crime 'Abracadabra' which I don't own]

I pretty much just followed the site's instruction, but I did it a little less intense. I also did not take the color up as high on my crease.

What I would change from this look:
So the tutorial is done in a way where the bright pink color is applied last. I actually like this look better without the bright pink. Instead, I would have applied 'Cupcake Thief' [A sparkly, light pink] on the center.

I will be doing more the LM looks, so look out for those. Thank you all fir reading :)


  1. Awesome look! Such nice colours and really liking those purple lashes.

  2. Omg, this is an AMAZING look! I love those flash colours and the lashes too~!
    Oh congrats on your affiliate with LimeCrime. Does that mean they send you products to review? I have no idea. LOL

  3. this looks super gorgeous on you! i love the colors! :3


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