Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches and Review: 'Leeroy Jenkins' Intertube

Hi babes ^_^ How is everyone's weekend going?
Mine is awesome. I got to go to San Francisco again yesterday. I went to Marker Street, the Westfield Mall, and my friends and I walked from the mall all the way to Fisherman's Wharf and then all the way to Japan Town. My feet hurt like hell today D: And when we walked from Japan Town back to Market Street [We parked on Market Street so we had to go back in order to get the car] Google Maps decided to take us through the worst part of the city. You know, the ghetto part, where is looks like you will get shot or raped [or both]. Yep, stupid Google Maps was trying to kill us! But we arrived safely to the parking lot, only to realize we lost the parking ticket [which we needed in order to pay for the parking. They charge by the hour]. And apparently they charge you $32 for a lost ticket...That sucked. So, we left San Francisco, $32 dollars poorer. Oh and I forgot the $12 [$6 to go in, $6 to go out] we had to pay for the bridge toll >_<  It was a fun day though. Haha.
But enough of my life...

Shiro Cosmetics is a super awesome store on The owner makes makeup inspired by geeky stuff [YES!] She has two collections of pigments inspired by Zelda and Pokemon [Awesome-o!]. When I first saw these, the nerd inside me squealed with delight! Ahh~ And then I also saw these things called "Intertubes" which are lip products named after internet memes. A couple caught my eye, like the 'Sad Keanu', which is named after Keanu Reeves, and another is called 'Over 9000' [From DragonBall Z, you know...ITS OVER 9000!!! *Sigh* Never mind...]. You won't get the names of these unless you are a huge nerd or are constantly on the internet.The one I bought was 'Leeroy Jenkins,' mostly because that was the color I liked the most, but I also thought that the Youtube video of the WoW was hilarious. If you do not know about Leeroy Jenkins search it on Youtube then you will see.

 What is an 'Intertube'? Good question. Shiro Cosmetics says:
"Intertubes are a unique vegan lip product created and produced by Shiro Cosmetics. They each have the moisturizing properties and consistency of a very nice semigloss balm, but the intensity and opacity of each unique color varies too widely for Intertubes as a whole to be described as simply a "tinted balm," a "lipstick," or a "stain." Therefore, I've decided it's most accurate to call them "tubes of win" and expand upon each color in its individual listing."

Price and Availability
$6.50 each. The price is not too bad.

Product Review
Let me just say that there are good things and bad things about this product. I absolutely love the color; it is a beautiful pinkish purple color that is totally wearable. If you have read my blog before, you might know I love purple lip products, especially lipsticks. Although this looks like a balm, it essentially applies more like a lipstick. Also, these feel moisturizing, much more so that a lipstick. These are glossy, and I would compare the finish to be a mixture of MAC's Cremesheen and Amplified creme finish The smell is phenomenal, it has a minty scent.  But, the bad thing is the texture. I dislike the texture because it feels weird when you apply it. In the tube, it feels a bit gritty. But once on your lips, it does not feel gritty at all. In fact it feels every nice. Also, when you apply it, it will look fine on the lips, but if you look closely, you will notice that it is a bit patchy. I would recommend putting a gloss over these to get rid of the patches.
These also leave a tint of color on your lips. This one leaves a reddish, "just bitten" kind of color.
These have chap stick like packaging. They are the size of chap sticks and convenient to carry in your pocket or bag.

 Swatches: On my Hand
No flash

With Flash
Swatches: On my Lips   *I had a cold sore and my lips have been super dry lately, so I apologize.

 The picture above was taken with me wearing the intertube. It looks very patchy, but maybe it was because my lips were already dry and not moisturized.
This one looks much better. I put on some lip balm before I applied the intertube.

I would definitely purchase this again, because I love the color. It it hard to find good purple lipsticks that are wearable. I don't care for the texture, but it could be worse. I give this an 7/10.
There is more colors, even a blue one! If you are interested, check out the Etsy shop :)
*Soon to come, Shiro Cosmetics Pigment swatches and review.

*This was purchase by  me.


  1. wow! the colors are gorgeous!

    Parking in SF is so expensive, I know coz I live there:) You should take the bus next time so you can save some energy:)

  2. Yes I do live in SF~such a small world! SF is also famous for the many uphill you have to walk~haha~I have to walk a lot to get home~

  3. interesting product. the color looks so pretty but it kind of looks dry..? :/

  4. YAYYYY! I love Leeroy Jenkins too, I also love that it smells like Spearmint, its totally unusual for a lippie.

  5. Wow, its so pigmented. Its interesting that the packaging is like a chapstick :)


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