Thursday, April 7, 2011

Health: Detoxify Your Body!

Good afternoon everyone!
I wanted to do something a little different today, and I am going to go into the topic of health. As a fellow makeup enthusiast, I know that makeup is a tool used to enhance our natural beauty. And as a user of foundation, I know that it is very easy to cake foundation on. I think many of us feel insecure about our skin and we forget that our skin looks better with less makeup on.

I think this really applies to me. I have been so self conscious about my skin for a while now. I started getting acne when I was in 11th grade in high school and it was really bad in my senior year. I tried a lot of things to get rid of my acne, but it never worked. That is when I started using foundation, and when I look back at that time, I really should have not used foundation. I think using foundation made my acne worse, but I was stubborn and I wore it because I hated how my skin looked. When I started, college my skin actually cleared up and I would only get some minor breakouts during my menstrual cycle. But I had a lot of acne scars, so I still continued using foundation. I tried some different things to lighten my scars, and they worked okay.

I am currently in my second year of college and it is almost coming to an end. I think I was super stressed out last quarter, and I noticed that I started breaking out again. I was so frustrated because nothing seemed to work on these breakouts. This acne persisted for a couple of weeks. I have never and am never going to take oral acne medication. I don't think that taking medications is worth it, because many times the medications are so strong and the are bad for the body. I thought it would be better to take a more natural approach. Thus I decided to do a detox.

 A detox is a detoxification of the body. The goal is to cleanse the inside of your body, and that will help with the overall health of your entire body [including your skin]. Detoxes are great for people trying to lose weight as well. If you want to start a diet or exercise plan, I recommend that you do detox before hand. It will really improve your results.

There are many different methods of doing a detox. There are supplements, and all kind of crazy things out there. I again am going for a easier, cheaper, and all natural way. Here is what I did:

1)First thing I did was to have three days were I only ate vegetables. Yup, only veggies. Preferably raw veggies, or if you must cook them, don't over cook them. Broccoli is a must eat because it contains fiber that will help to regulate you digestive system.
2)After the three days of veggies, start to incorporate fruits in your diet. This should go on for another 3 days. So a total of a 6 days is dedicated to fruits and veggies.
3) Through out the whole six days I have been drinking a lot of green tea. Green tea is really good for you. Also, do not add sugar.
4) After the six days you can start to eat other things like wheat bread, whole grain rice, legumes,eggs, nuts and any other healthy food. I love white rice, but try to avoid it. Whole grain rice is much healthier for you. You can drink milk, but soy milk is a better alternative. Yogurt and cheese are okay as well. I am not eating any dairy or eggs. Since I am doing this detox mainly for my skin, I want to avoid things that might have added hormones. So I am drinking soy milk at the moment.
5)I also recommend that you take vitamins. I think everyone should take at least a multivitamin on a regular basis! You do not get all you vitamins in the food you eat! Very important for you health. My parents take vitamins like crazy. My mom is going to be 50 years old and she looks younger that she did 15 years ago. People usually confuse my mom to be my 26 yr old brother's sister.
6)Drink tons of water, and make sure you are going to the bathroom properly. ;)

The point of the detox is also to try and eliminate junk food for as long as you can. This is most likely going to be impossible. But once you feel ready, you can start eating meat, and other food. I would never be able to stop eating white rice. I love sushi too much <3 But I will only eat white rice rarely. The same thing with meat.

So far I am still in the process of doing this detox. I  have noticed my skin is clearing up, and I feel that I lost a bit of weight. The most important thing though, is that I feel freaking great!! I feel energized, and awake. I will update you guys on how this is going. I also started going to the gym, so I hope that I can lose some more weight! :) Thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or any health professional. All of this was done on my own knowledge of health and I was not advised by any one else.


  1. this is a really informative post! but i think i will miserably fail this detox diet haha! xD

  2. Wow, this detox is intense! (but I guess that's why they call it a "detox"..heh). Thanks for this post! I don't think I could follow this strictly..but I think some of them I could do. :D

  3. really informative but way too intense for me !!! :D please check out my makeup blog too:

    thanks! <3

  4. I sooo need to do this! Sounds so damn hard, though. haha :P

    Great post!


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