Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fyrinnae Swatches and Review : Blacks and Silvers

Hi dearies <3
This is part 2 of my Fyrinnae swatches! How exciting! I might have mentioned in my last post that I wanted to separate my haul into smaller posts [instead of one massive post that would have a billion pictures] so that I could review each eyeshadow more thoroughly.

This post consists of the colors that I deemed to be black and silver colors. Here are the colors:

Colors I purchased [And description of the color]
~Pumpkinfire: [Black base with brown, orange, and purple/pink shimmer.] [EOTD HERE]

~Immortality: [Black base with TONS of rainbow shimmer]
~Robot Takeover: [Dark gunmetal grey with rainbow shimmer]
~Dinosaur Plushie: [Light grey silver color, with rainbow shimmer]
~Calavera Cupcake: [Shimmery Silver with subtle pink shimmers]

As you can see, all these are shimmery. 'Calavera Cupcakes' is the one with the least shimmer.

$2 for a sample. If you have more questions about the price, go to the Fyrinnae website.
All of these colors are very shimmery, but not glittery. Sometimes certain eyeshadows that are shimmery end up being way too chunky [cough*Urban Decay*cough]. But I do not have any problems with the shimmers in these. They are actually very nice. My favorite color of the bunch is 'Pumpkinfire'. Its a shimmery black that is very easy to work with.  You might get some shimmer fallout, but that tends to happen with most shimmery eyeshadows.

In the Container [click on images to enlarge]


'Robot Takeover'
'Dinosaur Plushie'

'Calavera Cupcake'
[L to R]: 'Pumpkinfire', 'Immortality', 'Robot Takeover'
'Dinosaur Plushie', 'Calavera Cupcake'

Overall Thoughts
All of the colors are amazing. There are unique colors, the formula is great, and they are pigmented. Also, they are so cheap. I was greatly impressed by the darker colors. I really love 'Pumpkunfire' as well as 'Dinosaur Plushie.' 
Which one do you like the most?

Thank you all for reading! ^_^


  1. Pumpkinfire, Dinosaur Plushie and Robot Takeover are all gorgeous! EOTDs using these please. =)

  2. Holy moly, these look amazing! There's not one I don't love. lol
    Would be awesome if you did a look with these! :D

  3. gorgeous color! please do an EOTD for us:)

  4. These are awesome, I have Immortality already but am seriously wanting Dinosaur plushie!

  5. heheh thanks for the comment! omg those shadows are so pigmented!!!! i love sparkly shadows

  6. Robot takeover is absolutely amazing >_<!
    what a pretty color ♥!


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