Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fyrinnae Swatches + Review: Arcane Magic

 [Warning: Picture heavy!!]
I recently made an order for some of the Fyrinnae eyeshadows. I purchased a good amount of them, and I decided to split up the haul into smaller posts. This way I can do a more detailed review of these.

I will begin my review with the highly talked about Arcane Magic eyeshadows. These are supposed to be eyeshadows that change colors depending on the light source and how close to the light source you are. It is very similar to a duochrome, except these are slightly more complex.There is a good variation of colors in the Arcane Magic line. I am sure everyone could find a color they will like.

Colors I purchased   [and My First Impression of the Color]:
~Faerie Glamour      [Violet with turquoise shimmer]
~Velvet Vampire      [Deep shimmery burgundy]
~Sequined Master    [Hazy purple with multicolored shimmer]
~Madame & Eve's   [Dark grey with dark teal shimmer]
~Conjuror                [Red violet with teal shimmer]
~Pyromantic Erotica [Golden orange with multicolored shimmer]  [EOTD]

$2 for a sample [That is the size that I show in the pictures below]
$6.35 for a full size
All of these are pigments. Some pigments can be chunky and can sometimes clump up [I have had that happen with MAC pigments]. But these are super smooth, and very finely milled. These work best over the Pixie Epoxy. But like any other pigment, be careful of fallout. Although, if you use the Pixie Epoxy, fallout is greatly minimized. 
[Click on the Image to Enlarge]

In the Container

Faerie Glamour [No Flash]
Faerie Glamour [Flash]

Faerie Glamour [No Flash]
Faerie Glamour [Flash]

Velvet Vampire [No flash]
Velvet Vampire [Flash]
Velvet Vampire [Flash]
Sequined Master [No flash]
Sequined Master [Flash]
Madame & Eve's [Flash]
Madame & Eve's [No Flash]
Conjuror [No Flash]
Conjuror [Flash]
Pyromantic Erotica [No Flash]
Pyromantic Erotica [Flash]

At this point, I blended the colors a little bit.

I know there is a lot of pictures, but I wanted to give you guys a better look at these.

I really love the idea of these.My favorite colors are Faerie Glamour, Madame & Eve's, and Conjuror. I feel that Velvet Vampire is the only one that does not really change colors. It does a little bit, but it is not that obvious.

I have three more posts of other Fyrinnae eyeshadows, so bare with me. 
On another note, I want you guys to give me some feedback. Are my posts too long? Do they have too many pictures? Or are they fine the way they are?

Thank you all for reading! And I hope you will all have a great week!

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  1. i can see that these e/s live up to the raves. they are all so pretty and vibrant! :)


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