Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nail Polish Collection: OPI

My obsession with nail polishes started when I bought my first OPI polishes. Since then, I have been accumulating polishes like a madwoman. My OPI collection has slowly increased, and I want to share with you my collection. If there is a particular polish you would like to see a swatch of, please leave a comment below.

 [Left to Right]: /Black Shatter/ Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees/ 
/Lincoln Park After Dark/ OPI Ink/
 /Last Friday Night/ Absolutely Alice/ Catch Me in Your Net/
/Not Like the Movies/ Shim-merry Chic/ My Private Jet/
/Blue My Mind/ Cukoo For This Color/Ogre-the-Top Blue/
/No Room for the Blues/ What's with the Cattitude?/ Jade is the New Black/
/Who the Shrek Are You?/ Fiercely Fiona/ Manicurist of Seville/
/Ate the Berries in the Canaries/ Pamplona Purple/ Significant Other Color/
/Teenage Dream/ Mad Hatter/Wing it!/
/Let Me Entertain You/ The One That Got Away/ Merry Midnight/

[First four]: /Funky Dunky/ Purple with a Purpose/ A Grape Fit!/ Do You Lilac It?/
[Last three]:   /Done out in Deco/ Rumple's Wiggin/ Panda-monium Pink/
/Let Them Eat Rice Cake/ Mod About You/ Lucky Lucky Lavender/
/Parlez-vous OPI?/ You Don't Know Jacques!/

/Mermaid Tears/ [I just got this and didn't get a chance to photograph]

/Little Teasers/ from the Burlesque collection

So as you can see, I really like OPI. The first OPI polishes I ever bought were:
'Done Out in Deco' [I am on my third bottle of this one] and 'Pamplona Purple'. That was about two years ago, and since then my collection has grown a lot.I feel a bit crazy for having so many, but I really love OPI.

My Favorites: [In no particular order]
~Merry Midnight
~Done Out in Deco
~Ogre-the-Top Blue
~Who the Shrek Are You?
~Jade is the New Black
~Teenage Dream
~Shim-merry Chic
~Lincoln Park After Dark

~Blue My Mind: Pretty color, but it is really sheer
~Fiercely Fiona: Again, it is pretty but really sheer
~Let Them Eat Rice Cake: Love the color, but the formula really sucks, and it smells terrible

If you guys want to see a particular color swatched, please leave a comment indicating which one you would like swatched. ^_^


  1. I want to see Mermaid Tears! Looks like a lovely teal color^^

  2. omg you have sooooo manyyyy collectionnsss ! nail polishesss *.* i was about to get mermaid tears today but instead i got essie turquoise and caicos >.< i shoudlve gotten both ! the mermaid tears looks soo nice ~

  3. wow you do have quite a collection!!! you could start charging your friends for manicures hahaha

  4. Oh my goodness! You have an amazing collection of nail polishes =D
    I dont even have more than 5 at the moment...

  5. I am super envious of your Mad as a Hatter!!! I found an Absolutley Alice at a salon, but have never been able to get my hands on Hatter. :(

  6. Oh wooow what a huge collection O.O I think I have 4 of the colors you have :D

  7. Wow.. that's a huge collection :O Lovely collection of colours tho~
    when did you start collecting? Also, can you do a swatch of the 'What's with the cattitude'? or link me to a blog post where you're wearing it? :)


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