Friday, May 13, 2011

Essie 'Neo Whimsical'


I don't own many light pinks, but Essie's 'Neo Whimsical' has become my favorite light pink. One of my other favorites in Essie's 'Demure Vixen' but that one is much more of a pink/mauve/taupe color. And although I like dark and bright colors better than light pinks, I have to sadly admit that light pink look very good on my nails.

Price and Availability:
$8. I bought this at the Beauty Clutch website. I have seen this at Target before so you might be able to find it at beauty supply stores or your local Target.

Product Review:
This is a light dusty pink with some lavender undertones. It is a creme finish, and somewhat sheer. To get full opacity you need three coats. One coat will be streaky. Two coats will look almost opaque if you apply it extremely well, but sometimes it will still be streaky. I find that this polish dries fairly quickly. I love this polish because it is a light pink, but it still has that purple undertone. My favorite color is purple, so that is why I prefer this polish more than my other light pink polishes.

*Please excuse my nails. Some of my nails broke, so I am still trying to grow and even out my nails.

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  1. i like this shade. :) i'm going to check this out if they have it in stock here. thank you for the NOTD! :D

  2. looks like a great color for french manicure:)


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