Monday, May 2, 2011

April Makeup Favorites 2011

Hello awesome Readers!
I have a very short monthly favorites to share with you. I have not had that many favorites this month, mostly because I have been super busy with school that I have not been wearing much makeup. But lets get on with it :)


1)Lioele Triple theSolution BB Cream
~I have mentioned this a lot since I got it in February, and I have fell in love with this even more this past month. This is seriously my Holy Grail foundation/bb cream.  My skin has been a lot better this past couple of weeks and I think one factor that helped my skin improve was this bb cream. I think this does help to fade acne scars just slightly, and in conjunction with skin care, I have noticed a pretty big difference.I have been using this everyday since I got it, and I do not even use my NARS Sheer Glow anymore. I still have a good amount left, but I really should buy a new one soon.

2) ELF Blush in 'Pink Passion' 
~I just did a review on this product, but to summarize: I freaking love this. It is a brighter version of MAC 'Pink Swoon' but it is only $3! I have been using this almost everyday since I got it.

3) Tom Ford Lipstick in 'Pink Dusk'
~Although this is a very expensive lipstick, I have loved this lipstick for everyday wear. The color is a phenomenal neutral pink. I try to use this sparingly, but it has been my favorite lipstick this month.

4) Shiro Cosmetics pigment in 'Midna'
~This is one of the pigments that I purchased from the Shiro Cosmetics Zelda collection. I absolutely love this color! It is a greyish silver with purple and blue shimmer. It is a difficult color to describe, but that complexity  is what I love about it. This is great for smokey eyes, or even more neutral looks. I even use it alone, applying it on the entire lid as well as on the lower lash line.

5) China Glaze 'Peachy Keen' Nail Polish
~I recently purchased this. I had wanted this since it came out, but I never got around to purchase it. I love this color: it is a perfect peach polish. This is a great color for spring and the best thing is that you only need 2 coats to make it completely opaque! And if you have really nice nails, you can get away with only one coat.

That is all I have for this month! Thank you for reading!
I just want to thank all of my followers, and I am so happy that I have reached 40 followers! I appreciate each and every one of you :D Thank you so much!


  1. Nice faves! Again, I wish we had ELF here... *sigh*

    Do BB creams give good coverage? I've always been apprehensive to try them out because I thought they gave minimal coverage.

  2. Nice favourites~ I have yet to try the Liole BB cream!

  3. That blush really does look amazing and it's such a good deal!!!


  4. I love love love Pink Passion as well!!! So pigmented :D And the Lioele BB cream is wonderful too! I have that one as well. I'm gonna start using it more!!

  5. great picks! :) the tom ford lippie looks really pretty. :3


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