Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tutorial: Heart of the TARDIS (Ft. Mon Ennui)

Greetings from the Dark Side ^_^ 
Who wants a Doctor Who inspired look? I  know I do!

In case you do not watch Dr. Who or you have no idea what a TARDIS is, well let me give a brief explanation. TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space and it is basically a time machine/spacecraft that looks like a Police Box. The heart of the TARDIS is the power that is contained withing the TARDIS and is represented as a shinning gold vapor in the TV show. I tried to emulate that with this simple look~ Oh and here is a picture of the TARDIS :D
Not my image. Found through Google Images.

                                                                         Products Used                                                                 
-ELF Eyelid Primer
-Milani Liquif'Eye black and gold eyeliner
-Mon Ennui Cosmetics 'TARDIS' eyeshadow
-Mon Ennui Cosmetics 'Dalek' eyeshadow
-Maybelline Mega Plush mascara

-Armani Maestro Fluid Makeup #4
-Pumpkin & Poppy 'Lady of Light' Highlighter
-Armani Lip Maestro #401


1. Prime your eyes.

2. This is optional, but I used my black eyelienr to trace a basic shape for my eyeshadow.

3. With a flat brush, start to apply a bright navy eyeshadow on your lid. I am using Mon Ennui's 'TARDIS' eyeshadow.

4. Keep working the color in, going inwards. Bring the color into the inner corner, but only on the crease. Leave an empty space on the very inner part of the lid. 

5. With the same flat brush, apply a bright gold color. I am using Mon Ennui's 'Dalek' eyeshadow (Exterminate! Tehehe). 

6.  With the same brush or a smaller brush, apply the same navy color on all of the lower lash line.

7. Apply a gold eyeliner on the waterline. I used Milani's gold eyeliner.

8. You can also apply a bit of the same gold on the very center of the lower lash line. Looking back, I think I would have not done this. I would just keep the lower lash line with only the dark navy. 

9. Apply mascara and eyeliner.


                                                                      Finished Look                                                                   


  1. Nice tutorial Nancy >.<
    I always love your tutorial, simple but amazing result..
    And I love your hair :D

    1. Thank you :)
      I don't want to do anything too fancy, just as long as people can follow it and be able to replicate it if they want to.

  2. Lovely look! I love the idea that inspiration came from Dr. Who! hehe cheers!

  3. Beautiful look Nancy! And you're hair is pretty right now!

  4. That's a great look and goes so well with your hair!

  5. The entirety of your blog makes me want to dye my hair so badly x__x.

    I think I'm going to try this look for New Years. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. The eyeliner to make the shape of the eyeshadow thing looks really cool, I'll have to try it. Also, this tutorial is awesome solely because it's Doctor Who related!

  7. Great Tutorial! Thanks! Love you & the MEC!

  8. This look is brilliant !! I wish I had my own Tardis :)

    xxx Vee

  9. I love this, it's a perfect look for travelling the galaxy ^_^ Which is your favorite doctor?


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