Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Blush Brush

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This is part two review of Tokidoki brushes. This particular brush came out not too long ago, maybe like a month ago or so? Anyways, Tokidoki has released a number of new products recently and I bought a couple of them, one of them being this brush. I bought it when it barely came out, and it was not available in stores yet so I had to buy it online. This means that I had no idea how the brush felt or really what the quality of the brush was. I just went for it and bought it. The brush is $25 and you can purchase it at any Sephora store that sells Tokidoki or at

This is an angled brush that can be used for blush, bronzer, contouring, powder, or whatever you want to use it for. Personally, I only use it for blush, I think it is too big for contouring and I have a different brush for powder.

My overall thoughts on this brush:

~Can you say "freaking cute?!" (But I guess this is merely my own opinion...)
~Like the other Tokidoki brushes, very good quality
~Fairly affordable at $25 (Similar to MAC's 168 which is $32)
~The tips of the bristles are pink, so if you use it for blush you wont really be able to tell that you used it
~Reeeeally soft, not scratchy at all!
~Easy to build the amount of brush you apply
~You can use the brush itself to blend out the blush you applied
~Dense bristles
~The brush has weight to it, which I prefer over a lighter brush since it works better for really working in a product onto your cheeks. 

~If you are applying a really light colored blush, you might have to pick up a lot of product since the brush has a tendency to pick up less product that other blush brushes would. You might also have to apply it more than once to get a better color payoff.
~Would not recommend for creme or gel products (So creme blushes are a no go)
~The bristles are to bulky to be used for contouring (But perfect size for blush or bronzer, maybe even powder if you want)

It comes in a plastic box with really cute pictures.

 The top of the brush with the head of the character.
 The tips of the bristles are dyed pink.

Pretty dense bristles, perfect for blush application.

Hope this review helped any of you who perhaps want to purchase this brush. As with their eye brushes, I really recommend them.

~Yami <3


  1. Oh my gosh, this is SUPER DUPER CUTE!!

    I really like using angled brushes for blush application. I like how this brush has white bristles with a pink tip. So pretty!

  2. i want this brush! it's sooo kawaii! :3

  3. @sugar sugar
    It is~ That is why I love Tokidoki :)


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