Monday, July 4, 2011

My Beauty Diary Reviews: Apple Polyphenol Mask

Hello Reader! Happy 4th of July~

One of my favorite My Beauty Diary masks is the Apple Polyphenol Mask~
Why are you falling off, Mr. Mask?
 And excuse the ugliness. Of course I am not wearing makeup! And my hair is a mess.

 According to the My Beauty Diary website this mask's main purpose is:

~moisturizing, smoothing, firming
~for use on normal skin
~recommended for skin with enlarged pores

Some Main Ingredients: 

Roselle Acid
~removes dead skin cells
~Improves and prevents enlarged pores
Hyaluronic Acid
~stimulates synthesis of collagen
~Improves skin's firmness and resilience
Gentle Nano
~AHA's prolong pore-contracting effects

The Good
The very first thing I noticed was the smell. I personally loved the smell; it was a candy-ish apple smell. It was very pleasant, and not too overwhelming.
The mask itself felt very nice on the skin. It was tad bit cooling (not as cooling as the Cooling Mask). Afterwards, my skin felt very smooth and moisturized. I feel that it did help my pores seem slightly smaller, but only for a couple of days. With the constant use of this mask, it would probably help with pore size.

The Bad
The worst thing about this mask (and it really isn't a big deal) is that it is by far the driest MBD mask I have used. It has very little essence in the pouch. I wish it had more. That said, the mask isn't dry, it is merely the driest of all the masks. It still is very moist.
And for some reason, this mask would not stick to my face as well as the other masks. It would constantly slip off my face!

 I would definitely purchase this mask again. It smelled great, and worked very well. Constant use of this mask should produce positive effects on the skin. 

And here are some more photos for your entertainment!

Pouting! I guess I am not too happy about something...
Can you see how the mask is slipping off?
Thank you for reading ^_^ Have a great Independence Day!


  1. Haha I always look scary when wearing a mask
    but great review

  2. @Florence: Yes me too! I guess its unavoidable to look scary while using masks!

  3. Lol, you look so cute with the mask on~~~

    Great review!

    Some masks I've tried has too much essence in them that they were dripping liquid on my vanity :/

  4. I also have this mbd apple mask and love it. It's kinda big tho' on my face :)

  5. cute pictures hun! :) this prolly smells super nice. :3

  6. You look funny with mask on:) Haha! I remember wearing a blackhead mask and when I came out of the bathroom, everyone was shock because my whole face was BLACK!

  7. @PopBlush: Aw thanks! OMG rly? That has not happened to me yet!

    @sugar sugar: Thanks! It does smell nice~

    @DeyiMizu: I do! Lol Its kind of funny to be able to scare people like that :D

  8. @Noniek It is kind of big, right? I think that is one reason it keeps falling off my face!

  9. Ooh, I haven't tried this one out yet but...smelling like apples is already attracting my attention. heheh.

  10. nice picture dear hihihi...if the mask keeps on slipping I guess you have to lie down and rest while you have the mask on :)


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