Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review + EOTD: Love Alpha Coppery Frozen Jelly Provided by KKCenterhk

Hey guys! I have been really busy with a couple of things lately, mostly with the fact that I got my first tattoo ever. The tattoo makes it hard for me to type right now, but more on that later...
So sorry if I haven't been as active as usual on blogger!

KKCenterhk was kind enough to send me a this product, which really peaked my interest. It is an eyeshadow, but it has a jelly texture. I have never encountered anything like this, and I must say it is really weird but awesome at the same time.

Price and Shipping
This is 10g for $3.30. These are super affordable and come in different colors.
These products come from Hong Kong, but they were delivered really quickly. It took only about a week! I was really impressed.

Probably my favorite thing about this product is the jar it comes in. The jar looks extremely similar to the Jill Stuart eyeshadow packaging! But Jill Stuart is extremely expensive, and these are really affordable. I like the fact that I can pretend I have a Jill Stuart eyeshadow jar...Haha. I am so pathetic! But anyways, the jar is super adorable, and although the product itself is not affected by the packaging, cute packaging is an added plus.

Product Review
The product, like I said before, has a sort of jelly-like consistency. It is really cool because it feel like non-sticky jelly.. It dries quickly and does not leave a dry and tight feeling on the eyelid. Because of its jelly consistency, the color is not very opaque. In fact it is quite sheer, but it has a lot of sparkle and dimension in color which makes up for its sheerness. This type of product is best suited to be applied over other colors. And that is what I have been doing.
The color I chose is the Copper one. It looks like a coppery-gold with a very slight orange and green duo-chrome. I really love the color and the uniqueness of this product.


I used the same look that I wore on my ELF Eyelid Primer review, and I just put some of this on my eyelid to top off the look. I love how this product made my neutral look completely different!

After: With the Love Alpha Frozen Jelly
I just realized I have a small unblended lump of product >_<"

Products Used:
~Wet N Wild 'Vanity' Palette [The matte beige for highlight and matte medium toned brown for the crease]
~Wet N Wild 'Comfort Zone' Palette [A copper color on my lid and a dark brown on my lower lash line/outer V]
~Love Alpha Copper Frozen Jelly on top of the copper eyeshadow on my lid.
~ELF Eyeliner Pen
~Maybelline 'The Falsies' mascara
In the shade, with no flash.

This is a very cool product, and I am actually super happy with it. It is not very pigmented, but it has varying dimensions of color. The shimmer in this is also very subtle, so it is more wearable than other eye shimmers or glitters. I definitely want to try more of these and see how those work. I love to try new things, and if you are the same as me, you should look into this product!

*Product was provided by KKCenterhk


  1. I have this one in a purple shade and it's very pretty!! Love the EOTD <3

  2. your eotds are always so pretty!! that packaging looks so much like Jill Stuarts! The color looks great on you =]

  3. SO pretty! The gold is so striking! I love it so much :)

  4. yay! thanks for the swatches dear! the packaging kind of reminds me of jill stuart haha! :3

  5. The color looks nice on you:) It's my first time hearing about a jelly like texture eyeshadow:)

  6. i think it looks nice~~~i like how after you apply the jelly shadow the colours are more vibrant~~~

  7. Thank you everyone!

    @ShinyPrettyThings: Thanks hun!Right? It does look like JS!


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