Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Victorian Disco Tutorial: The Force Is Strong With This One

Use the force, Readers!

Yeah...anyways...today I have another tutorial using the Victorian Disco In a Galaxy Far, Far Down the Street eyeshadows. I did already use 'The Force, Use It' in my previous look, but I wanted to use it again as my main color.

This is a bright and fun look, and I think very perfect for spring time :) I hope you like it.

Products Used
-Victorian Disco 'Yoda's Yoga Mat' (just received a sample of this today with a new order!)
-Dolly Wink liquid liner
-Wet n Wild white pencil eyeliner
-Artistry mascara


1. As always, start with a primed eye. I use the Lime Crime eyeshadow helper. Then I patted on The Force, Use It onto my entire lid with my MAC 229, focusing on the are just below the crease. 

 2. Next, I used my ELF crease brush to apply Lightsaber on the crease and outer V. You can make this as dark or as light as you want. I went for a lighter, more spring-time kind of look.

3. The last eyeshadow I applied was Yoda's Yoga Mat, a bright spring green, on the lower lash line. I also applied my white pencil eyeliner on the waterline to really brighten up and open up the eye.

4. Lastly, I applied a thin but long line with my Dolly Wink liquid liner. I also applied mascara and skipped on the false lashes for a more subtle and innocent fun look.
 Final Look

May the Force be with you~


  1. I love how light and subtle this looks. you always make the prettiest eyeshadow combinations.

    1. Thank you! I tried to make it different than my usual darker looks!

  2. nice colorful looks

  3. Beautiful combination of colours Nancy!

  4. Very pretty! Very springy and fun. <3

    1. :D Great! It seems I achieved my goal!

  5. Love this look. The liner is amazing!

  6. Yoda's Yoga Mat is so pretty! And I love the name lol.
    These shades work so well together, gorgeous look!

  7. love the color combination! <3 i especially love the color on your lower lash line dear. :)

  8. Makes me think of Hanukkah, hehe

  9. I love this look- a little bit of colour, not nothing too crazy. Beautiful!

  10. Very very pretty =) I like the combination of colours !

    xxx Vee


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