Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Hits and Misses 2012

It's that time again! Time for my favorites and not so favorites for the month of April. This month has been crazy in trying new eyeshadows, so I wasn't very consistent with wearing the same eyeshadows more than once. But there are plenty of other products I've loving~


-Illamasqua Cream Pigment in 'Hollow' 
This is a fabulous contour shade for those with light/pale skin. It is not harsh or obvious. If anything, it looks quite natural. You can build up the intensity from a very natural contour to a super defined hollow cheek. I have neglected this for a little while, and I finally started using it again. It is really amazing for my skin tone.
-MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'Whisper of Gilt'
This is a lighter version of my Estee Lauder Modern Mercury highlighter, and it actually suits my skin better. I still love my EL one, but this has been my go-to highlighter since I purchased it.It is just a lovely golden shade.

-Jack Black Lip Balm
Best. Lip Balm. Ever. Seriously.
I especially love the mint flavored one~ It feels tingly on my lips. Not much more to say other than that this is currently my HG lip balm!
-Revlon Lip Gloss in 'Crystal Lilac'
I love this range of Revlon glosses. They are really pigmented, creamy, and long-wearing. This particular shade is a lovely pinky-lilac with purple shimmers that is subtle enough to wear with dramatic eyes. It is also a quick and no-fail lip color that I can throw on as I head out the door.

-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
I don't know what I would do without this stuff. This is my third tube! If you have never used it, you should give it a chance. It is amazing for sparkly or shimmery eyeshadows! I know some people don't like it, and that is because you have to know how to use it. Don't use it with mattes, and always wait for it to dry a little before you apply eyeshadows over it. Best stuff ever! Fyrinnae, you are seriously awesome ♥
-Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in 'Perversion'
I'm I done raving about this? Apparently not. Seriously black liner! Long-wearing and doesn't smudge or make me look like Gaara from the anime Naruto (although I wouldn't mind, he is one of my favorite characters). And just in case you don't know this is what he looks like:


-Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily
I've only had this for about a week or so, and I am so in love with this! I was going to have a proper review, but unfortunately it is already sold out. Actually it sold out the day I received, yeah. I don't want to have a review for something that is not available anymore...
I feel horrible posting it now, like some cruel person poking you with a stick. But it is my favorite polish for this entire month. It is the only aqua that doesn't look ugly on my nails!

Favorite Look of the Month
 I don't have a post for this, but I can make a post for it if you guys want. I love this though. It is a Boba Fett inspired look using VDC and Lime Crime.


-Neutrogena 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment
I love the scrub from this line, so I thought that the treatment would be good too. I was oh so naive. This didn't work. It couldn't work even it it's life depended on it. It was not hydrating at all either. I felt that it actually dried my skin a bit. So basically, to sum up, it sucked. 
-Revlon Lip Butter in 'Cremesicle'
This is the orange version of 'Gumdrop', which I love! I thought a light orange would be so pretty for spring. Noooo. This is not orange, it is much too pale and nude. It makes me look like I have pale fish lip (oh yeah, sounds so attractive). The formula is good, it's just the color! I would say that maybe this would work for people with very pigmented lips, since the paleness might neutralize some of the pigmentation on the lips. My lips are already very pale though, and I guess this only adds to that. I really detest this color, I can't even express the loathing I have for it in words.
-Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB:2012
This is the other color that, alongside Aqua Lily, is currently sold out. I love the striking jelly blue! It is a really beautiful color. But, the formula is very hard to work with. The polish itself it not super thick, but it tends to goop up when you apply it. I don't even have swatches of it because it looked so gross. I would say you either have to be amazing at applying nail polishes to make this look good, or just get used to the formula until you get the application just right. I definitely need practice.

Have you used any of the products mentioned above? If so, what do you think of them? What are your favorites for April?


  1. Aaaaah that RBL Aqua Lily! >__< I really hope they will re-produce it, because it's such a pretty colour. The Revlon lip gloss looks pretty nice/ :D
    The Sephora here in Malaysia stopped carrying Jack Black lip balms, I'm really disappointed. :(

    1. I hope so too!
      Well they often have votings to bring back colors. Aqua Lily would most definitely be brought back! There is hope!
      What? Really? That is cruel!

  2. i'm loving Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily!!!! looks so pretty, especially under the light. =)

  3. love the nail colour, and that's an eyeliner I must have too :)

  4. Yeees, please do a post about the eye look. I love the color combination.

  5. I have to have that Aqua Lily!!! That color is insanely gorgeous!!! NEED. NOW. haha

  6. That highlighter from Mac sure looks great! Love how you manage to combine red and green together!

  7. We have the same holy grail lip balm!

    May I ask what camera you use? It captures duochrome so beautifully.

    1. I use a Canon T3 Rebel :D
      Woot for JB lip balm! <3

  8. RBL Aqua Lily 0o0 I hope they get it back in stock or dupes are made! You're right about creamsicle and pigmented lips. It makes a nice peachy nude on me. I thought you probably make every lipcolor look amazing, though :) I never had much luck with Neutrogena.

  9. I like how you wrote this post in two sections. sorry to hear Neutrogena sucked, I'm using visibly clear pink and love it.

  10. Whisper of Gilt looks so gorgeous in your swatch! Love the polish color too. Great favorites :D

  11. Late to the party, but YAY for Aqua Lily making your Hits list!! I'm the fan who helped Ji create it and I can't believe how fast it sold out... But even more in shock (thrilled) that she is bringing it back in Nov :) thanks for sharing the love! -KDK


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