Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream

Greetings from the Dark Side!

After using the Lioele Super Gold BB Cream almost everyday since I got it, I am finally ready to share with all of you a formal review of it. So stick around if you want to find out what I think of it~

                                                                  Price and Availability                                                           
$32.99 on the Lioele Texas website.


This BB cream comes in a sleek gold bottle. The bottle is very sturdy and super convenient when doing your makeup. This is one of the better BB cream packaging I have seen. I did have one problem with it when I first opened it: the pump was not working very well. I had to press on the pump for a while before it actually started working. It was a little annoying, but I haven't had problems with the pump since that time. 

 Here is a closer look at the pump~

-Sleek and convenient packaging
-It has a good smell (to me, anyways)
-It has a smooth and blendable formula which is easy to apply onto the skin
-very hydrating and illuminating BB cream
-It gives the skin a smooth finish and a healthy glow
-Has great medium-full coverage without looking cakey
-Color adjusts slightly to match skin tone
-Amazing BB cream for people with dry skin!

-Does not have good oil control
-Even on my combination skin, it did make me look oily around my nose
 (so I do not recommend this to people who have very oily skin)
-Can slip around on your skin if you do not set it with a powder
-very limited color range; it will not match too many skin colors

Verdict: For me, this has become one of my favorite BB creams. It has fantastic coverage without being too heavy or cakey. I have dry skin with an oily nose area, so I can get away with wearing it (although I still need to set it with a powder). If you have pretty dry skin and need a medium coverage BB cream, then this is definitely worth checking out. If you have oilier skin, then you might want to try the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream instead. I personally will keep using this one, since I think it offers a better finish and better-looking result that the Triple the Solution. Of course, I always have to be weary when I wear this since I can get a bit shiny. 

Rating: 8/10

                                                                    Product in Action!                                                       
Just to show you quickly how this product works, I will show you the BB cream on the back of my hand.  Just for reference I have in the color Natural Beige and I am an NC20.

I'll start with clean skin.

 I then put about half of pump of the BB cream straight onto the back of my hand.

 With my fingertips, I spread it around my skin, using dabbing motions.

Just keep dabbing and spreading it until it is all blended in. Notice how this color looks a little too beige for my skin right after I blend it in.

After only a few minutes, the BB cream starts to really blend into the skin and adjusts slightly to my skin tone. See how it looks quite illuminating?

Below are two photos of me wearing this foundation. It made my skin glow! And taking into account that I have bad acne scarring, I'd say this BB cream has really great coverage!

Thank you for reading ♥ Until next time! :D
You can find this on and 
you can get 15% off your entire order with the coupon code "darksideofbeauty".
*Product mentioned was sent for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. illuminating was definitely the word to describe it! it looks so bright and the coverage seems to be pretty good too. i am running out of my other BB cream - i think i might invest this one even though the name is a bit strange to me (snails? haha)

  2. Thanks for the review! It's one BB cream off my list-just doesn't sound like it's for me xoxo

  3. I would like to say that your face is looking amazing! Loving the Tatcha? :) Me too!

  4. Woah! I think I HAVE to check this out now. It looks super good on you, and the finish looks perfect. Snail cream + BB cream? Count me in! :P

  5. The bottle looks so fancy, and I really notice how illuminated your skin looks!

  6. I love bb cream, so I'm glad to see a review (:



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