Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life Update

Hello darlings!

I know many of you don't really care what is going on in my life, and you are here for the makeup. But it is important to update you once in a while with what is going on in my life that might prevent me from posting makeup reviews and looks.

As my summer vacation draws to an end, I am again bombarded with the stress that accompanies the start of a new school year. If you are new to my blog you might not know much about me or what I do. I am just about to start my fourth (and hopefully last) year of my university education. This year is going to be incredibly busy for me! Here is a small list of what I hope to accomplish this year academically:

1. Get good grades and pass all of my classes!
2. Apply to graduate school.
3. Do a good job at both of my internships.
4. Graduate and earn my baccalaureate degree.
5. Read as much as I can in my spare time.

Basically, since this is my last year, I have to do extremely good in order to have a really great GPA for graduate school. Graduate school usually only look at the last 60 (or sometimes 90) units you took. So it is very important that I do really well in this last 45ish units that I take this year. I am also doing two internships right now. One is a paid job with a publishing press and the other is non-paid internship at my old high school. I am interning for an English teacher and it is really fun to help in his classes. Lastly, since I want to apply for graduate school, I am really busy looking up various schools and seeing where I would like to go to.

Besides all this school stuff, I am also really busy with another major part of my life: concerts! I am a huge rock music fan! My all time favorite bands are System of a Down and Metallica. I go to so many concerts every year. I actually just came back from a The Used concert. I go to at least one concert every month. I have two concerts (maybe even three) planned for October and November: Alesana, Pierce the Veil/Sleeping With Sirens, and maybe Chiodos. I always go to Sacramento or San Francisco for concerts. These are always so much fun because I go with my best friends and we just have such a good time.

Of course, I will always make time for blogging. I love blogging and I love all of you awesome people! Just a quick heads up though; if I start to lack in my posts then you can just assume that I am either studying, working, or moshing it up at a concert ;) Either that or watching anime or playing video games :D 

For any of you who stuck this long with me, thanks and see you next time!


  1. Good luck with your studies! :)

  2. I just graduated university (am going back next year though) and it's good that you are focused on doing well in the lead up to the end! Can't wait to hear how you go with it all :)

  3. I really love this post, it's always nice getting to know the person behind the blog :)
    School always makes things hectic and stressful at times, but I'm sure you'll be able to cope just fine and graduate with flying colors!


  4. Good luck in school Nancy! I totally get how school just takes up so much time, I witness that every year when I go back to it after summer. It's way more tough blogging while in school, but I've found that if you balance your time right--it's possible! :)

  5. Ooh, I am so jealous of your concert-going. I have similar taste in music and I only seem to get out to a concert once or twice a year.

  6. Good luck this year, you're almost done! At least until grad school lol. You'll do just fine & I'll be waiting around to see your next looks & reviews when you have time :)

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  8. Best of luck babe!! You'll do great :))) P. S. I didn't know you were into Metallica, OMG so am I!!!


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