Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: CUICU Diamond Eyeshadows


I have three more of the CUICU Diamond Eyeshadows to share with you. I showed a purple and orange in the past, and I really loved those two eyeshadows. I decided to try some other colors to see how those worked out. And just like the other two I tried, these too are phenomenal!

 $4.83 on the KKCenterhk website.

These eyshadows comes in a slightly bulky, but very sturdy plastic compact.

Colors and Swatches

Indigo Blue

Honey Brown

Sienna Brown

 Indigo Blue/ Sienna Brown/ Honey Brown


-Really pigmented
-semi-matte with a slight satin finish
-these blend really nicely and they are easy to use
-smooth texture
-not chalky at all
-fairly inexpensive for the amount and quality of the product

-if you don't know how to work with mattes, these might be difficult to use
-they can apply patchy if you don't blend them 

Overall, these are super fantastic basic mattes to have. The browns in particular are super versatile and great for crease and outer V colors. I really recommend this line of eyeshadows! Out of the 5 colors I have tried, all were amazing.

Products in Action
For a tutorial of this look using all three of these eyeshadows click HERE.

Thanks for reading :D
*Products shown were sent by KKCenterhk for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. I don't believe these are only less than $5 because the quality is quite good!

  2. These look great, and so affordable too!

  3. Wow those are really well pigmented and I love all the colors

  4. Wow, fantastic pigmentation. I like how you put them together, too :)

  5. Great pigmentation!! I like the look you made, the blue is such a pretty color with your eyes :)


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