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Review: Shiro Cosmetics Halloween 2012

Greetings from The Dark Side~!

In the spirit of this ghoul-tastic month, I am happy to present you the Shiro Cosmetics Halloween 2012 collection! Not only is it Halloween inspired, but it is based on the fantastic Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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Price And Availability
There are plenty of pricing options for this collection that is bound to make everyone happy, so please check HERE to see the pricing for the entire collection and HERE to view the individual products. 
I purchased the entire full sized collection, just FYI.

This Halloween collection consists of four eyeshadows and one lip gloss:

*swatched over bare skin
*named in order from left to right

Finkelstein - an iridescent, ghoulish green.
Oogie Boogie - a chameleon olive green with notes of a beige-brown with touches of green shimmer.
Rag Doll - a rusty pink with bright sparks of pink and blue.
Pumpkin King - blackened copper base with bright gold and orange shimmer.
This Is Halloween - a glossy rusty brick red with orange micro-shimmer.

                                                                Products In Action                                                                  
 Using Finkelstein, Rag Doll, Pumpkin King, and This Is Halloween.
Tutorial for the look below look HERE.

I have to be honest in my reviews, and so I have to say I will be a little biased because this collection is inspired by two things I love: Halloween and The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is in my nature to be swayed by such things, and it is hard to concentrate solely on the actual product. That being said, though, Shiro Cosmetics never lets me down! Their products are simply amazing, their customer service is fantastic, and I am totally enamored with the eyeshadows and the lip gloss.
All four of the eyeshadows are fantastic. I thought I wouldn't like 'Finkelstein' very much but I absolutely love it! I thought it would be a dupe for Fyrinnae's Jade Ghost, but they are very different. And actually, Finkelstein is one of my favorites from this collection because it is so wearable and easy to use, but it still looks really amazing and unique without being too overpowering.
'Oogie Boogie' is such a weird color and very hard to describe. It's kind of like a swampy green with a flash of beige and a stream of beautiful green shimmers. It really does combine the green and the brown coloring of Oogie Boogie. This is not my favorite of the bunch mostly because I find it difficult to pair it with other eyeshadows.
'Rag Doll' is extremely unique in that is has a weird base color that ends up looking fantastic on the eyes. The bright shimmers also make it look really pretty and much less grandma-ish than I first thought.
'Pumpkin King' is a color I knew I would love from the moment I laid my eyes on it. I adore these types of super dark shades. It reminds me slightly of Fyrinnae's 'Pumpkin Fire', but 'Pumpkin King' has a dark copper base (versus the black base of Pumpkin Fire) and has more complex shimmer.
The 'This Is Halloween' lip gloss was very unexpected. The color is stunning and great for fall! The texture is quite amazing too. It reminds me of the NYX Matte lip colors, but instead of being matte, this still has a nice glossiness. But the feel and pigmentation remind me of the NYX lip cremes. It has a wonderful scent and feels so great on the lips!
Overall, I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this collection. I wish Lock, Shock, and Barrel would have been in this collection too, but we can't have everything we want. If you are a Tim Burton/TNBC fan, you should totally check this out!

Who was your favorite Character from TNBC? I like Sally, Lock, Shock, and Barrel!


  1. These look so pretty, & the lip gloss is an amazing color! I love TNBC, my favorite characters would have to be Sally & Zero ;)

  2. Totally in love with them, love the fallish colors =)

  3. I love ragdoll and pumpkin king! right in my wheelhouse. I've only seen TNBC once and I like the dog the best :P

  4. Pumpkin King looks amazing! I love This Is Halloween, it has such a yummy scent!

  5. nice colors!!! will visit that site to see more...


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