Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tutorial: Love's Obstacle (Ft. Shiro Cosmetics)

Happy October ;) It is officially 12 days before Halloween!
I am super excited for that! I don't know if I am even dressing up, but I'm sure I will do some crazy makeup either ways.

Today I have a special look to share with all of you; it is a look using the new Shiro Cosmetics Halloween products :D This mini collection was inspired not only by Halloween, but by one of my favorite Disney movies ever, The Nightmare Before Christmas! I was so excited when this collection was released, that I immediately purchased it. I hope this tutorial is helpful and I hope you like it!

I named this look "Love's Obstacle' because I always felt that Doctor Finkelstein was an obstacle for Sally in order to get closer to Jack. The name will make more sense when you see what products I used and who they were inspired by :)

Products Used
-Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Bad to the Bronze'
-Shiro Cosmetics 'Ragdoll', 'Pumpkin King', and 'Finkelstein' Eyeshadows
-Milani Liquif'Eye black eyeliner
-Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner 'Perversion'
-Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
-Ardell #120S Lashes

-Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation #03
-Illamaqua 'Allure' Blush
-Illamasqua 'Aurora' Gleam Highlighter
-Shiro Cosmetics 'This Is Halloween' Lip Gloss


 1. Prime your eye lids or use a cream color base. Here I used a bronze base, Maybelline's Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo.

2. Take 'Ragdoll', a rust color with blue and pink shimmers, and apply it on the lid. This color was inspired by Sally!

 3. Next, use a crease brush to apply 'Pumpkin King', a dark bronze with orange and gold sparks, on the crease and outer V. Make sure to blend, blend, blend! 'Pumpkin King' was inspired by Jack Skellington!

 4. I wasn't satisfied with the darkness of 'Pumpkin King' so I decided to add a little more of it and blended it out more.

5. Apply some black eyeliner on the waterline, and place 'Pumpkin King' on the lower lash line.

6. I added a touch of 'Finkelstein', a pale iridescent green, on the inner corner. This color is inspired by Doctor Finkelstein.

7. Add  eyeliner, mascara, and lashes.

Finished Look

I am absolutely loving 'Pumpkin King' eyeshadow and 'This Is Halloween' lip gloss. Look at it! The lip gloss is freaking gorgeous! I am looking forward to use these colors more :D

Thank you for reading ♥


  1. Gorgeous!! I love this collection & the lip gloss in particular. I LOVE nightmare before christmas!

  2. I love Ragdoll so much more than I thought I would!! It really looks good on me! (Which reminds me, I should get a few more jars.)

  3. This is a fabulous look for autumn.

  4. My Shiro order shipped today, and I can't wait to get my hands on Ragdoll & This is Halloween. BTW, the colors in question go perfectly with the streaks in your hair. :)

  5. honey you look glorious!! love the new hair color and the lips are perfect with it!!! of course, your eye look is phenomenal as always :))


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