Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Unbound Eden Cosmetics Fall Eyeshadows

Greetings from the Dark Side :)

On today's agenda: reviewing the four new eyeshadows from Unbound Eden Cosmetics. The new shadows are: Festival, Superstition, Hecate, and Gravedigger.

 Price and Availability
You can buy these from the Unbound Eden Cosmetics online store
$8 each.

*swacthed on bare skin with a slightly damped brush

Products in Action
Salem Witch Trials look using Superstitions and Gravedigger

I have been using these eyeshadows so much since I received them. They have quickly become a part of my makeup collection permanently.
Firstly, whether it was intentional or not, these four new eyeshadows reflect fall trends really nicely. This fall, there is a lot of earthy colors and very bright glowing greens. They will fit in your fall routine very well. The mossy green, the yellowing green leaves, the browning leaves, and wet dirt from the first rains. That is the image that I have with these colors.
Next, I find that whether you are using a primer/base or not, these eyeshadows are still really pigmented and easily blendable. 
Superstition and Gravedigger were both standouts for me. They are gorgeous shades that are harder to find a dupe of. Gravedigger, while it looks to be just another brown, is immensely complex and has gorgeous flecks and shimmers of bronze.
There was one problem that I found with the shadows, more so in Superstition; they did have some fall out. That is a problem easily fixed though. But just keep it in mind when you are using them. 
Not much else to say. UEC shadows are always buttery smooth, pigmented, and so easy to use! You will get a lot of use from these eyeshadows =3

I highly recommend UEC products because they are handmade to order, 100% vegan,  and the owner, Laura,  is just the sweetest person ever!

Thanks for reading lovelies ♥

*Products mentioned were sent for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. these colours look gorgeous on your eyes and you are so right they look prefect for fall, thanks for sharing lovely x

  2. great review! these sounds right up my alley... love the shimmer. & the price tag! Definitely going to have to check these out next. Gorgeous look!!


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