Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tutorial: Singles Awareness Day (Ft. Glamour Doll Eyes)

Welcome to the Dark side!

 If you are not celebrating Valentine's Day, then you can celebrate Single Awareness Day. Which ever you choose to celebrate, have fun and spend the day with those you love, be it friends, family, or your partner. And most of all, remember to pamper yourself and love yourself. Feb. 14th is a day to share love with those around you, but leave some for yourself too!

If you are looking for a look to really make you feel fierce, then try out this Singles Awareness Day look. This is not a look for the faint of heart. But if you want a rebellious look for Valentine's Day then this look might be what you are looking for! Wear red on your eyes and lips boldly! 

                                                                        Products Used                                                                  
-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Primer
-Glamour Doll Eyes 'Jailbreak', 'Taylor', and 'Behind the Scenes' eyeshadows
-Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner 'Perversion'
-L'oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner
-Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara
-Red Cherry Lashes #WSP

-Flower Cosmetics Skincognito Stick Foundation 'SF1'
-MAC 'Eversun' Blush
-Lime Crime 'Red Velvet' Velvetine


1. On your primed lid, apply GDE 'Jailbreak' eyeshadow, a silver with a slight blue undertone, on the inner half of the lid.

2. Next, apply GDE 'Taylor' eyeshadow, a shimmery deep red, on the outer half of the lid.

3. With a big blending brush, apply GDE 'Behind the Scenes', a soft satin brown, on the crease.
This will blend out the colors a little and give the look a much softer appearance.

4. Apply black eyeliner on your waterline.

5. With a small brush, apply 'Taylor' on the lower lash line. 

6. Lastly, apply liquid liner, mascara, and false lashes.

Thank you for reading ♥


  1. Those lashes are gorgeous! I have class on Valentine's Day:( But maybe I'll rock this look just to be festive.

    1. Yes I really love the lashes :D
      I have class too D: it sucks!

  2. Love this look! I wish I had the same eye shadows! You make it look so everyday wearable!

    1. :D Thanks~
      The eyes came out pretty wearable, right? For red eyeshadow anyways!

  3. Stunning! I love that shade of orange.

  4. Dude you look SO pretty. You always do, but this look is especially flattering. That second picture is stunning!

    1. Aww thank you so much <3
      I am really flattered!

  5. u got a hold of red velvet!!!! GRRR ive been wanting it for the longest time!!! lol

    1. Yeah, but it is because I bought it the day it was released. It seems people are still trying to get it then! It is an amazing product~!

  6. You look so beautiful! And your hair!!! Omg I want your hair!

  7. pretty as usual !
    I think this is more wearable for me :D simple and looks natural..
    Do more tutorial for valentine's look please.. >.<
    I need more inspiration.. haha..
    I always love your make up ^^

  8. Aaah this is gorgeous! Now I wish I owned a red shadow.
    I really should have done some Valentines looks already >.<

  9. This is hot! You've inspired me to do a Single Awareness Day Look too.

  10. You rock that lippie!!! Looks gorgeous with the eyes ;)

  11. Very lovely!!! I've been lemming for LC's Velvetines so bad... it looks great on you!


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