Monday, August 26, 2013

Reminder: August Series Challenge Week 3

Just a quick reminder: today is the start of Week 3 of the August Series Challenge! For any of you who want to participate in this week, keep in mind that your look must be entered by the end of Saturday, August 31. You can email me pictures or the URL of the site where you posted your look to my email You can also send me a link or pictures through Twitter (@darthnancy) or on Facebook (The Dark Side of Beauty). 
For the August challenge post go HERE. And for extra information check out THIS page. 
Week 3 is the last week for this month and the inspiration is Phantom Ganon. If you want to be entered in the August Series Challenge giveaway, you must participate at least in one week during the month~


  1. I know Wind Waker was not a big hit for hardcore Zelda fans but it might have been my favorite. I played this game probably 3-4 times. Love the challenge! I'm more into nails but I might try one or two of these out on my own. I don't think I have enough eyeshadow colors for all of these. :P

    1. Of course, you can do nails or eyes, or whatever you like! I should just point out that Wee 1 and 2 (Princess Zelda and the Chuchus) already past but you can still do an inspired look for them if you wish!

      You know I think that is funny. I am a hardcore Zelda fan and I've played most of the games (except for some of the older games), but I quite enjoyed Wind Waker. Yes, it's different, but the characters are endearing. Maybe I found it easy to like because it reminds me of of anime.

  2. I don't play video games at all (or games in general cause I have no skills!) but I've always found my friends really like the Zelda games, and I love all the cosplays and what not for it. Maybe I'll do the challenge, even though I've no background or knowledge of these games/story lines!


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