Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tutorial: Evening Opulence (Ft. Revlon)

Well hello lovely readers! ♥

So today I was strolling down the cosmetic aisle at Target, definitely not looking to buy any makeup *ahem*, and I saw the display for the new Revlon collection called Evening Opulence. I was disappointed that the display did not include any of the new lip butter shades, but I did pick up two items (I actually already owned a product that is part of this collection as well). I was surprised to see that the eyeshadow palette in this collection called 'Muse' is a dupe for the YSL 'Midnight Garden' palette (I will post a comparison post) so I bought it to see how close the two were. I also purchased the nail polish in the shade 'Rich' that looks very similar to the Revlon color 'Carbonite' which is a dupe for Chanel's 'Graphite' nail polish. If you want to see those two products in action, then keep reading!

For a pictorial, keep reading~

                                                                         Products Used                                                                

1. Wet n Wild Take On the Day Primer
2. Revlon Photoready Kajal Intese Eyeliner + Brightener 'Emerald Empire' (green side)
3. Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette 'Muse'
4. Sugarpill 'Tako' eyeshadow
5. Revlon Photoready Kajal Intese Eyeliner + Brightener 'Emerald Empire' (nude side)
6. Revlon Lash Potion mascara
7.Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser
8. Hourglass Immaculate Foundation
9. MAC 'Eversun' Blush
10. MAC 'Hue' Lipstick
11. Revlon 'Rich' Nail Polish


1. Start with the usual steps: eye primer~! Don't start your look without it!
I used the Wet n Wild Take on the Day Primer.

2. Take the teal/emerald eyeliner and fill in the outer half of the lid. Smudge it out slightly as well.
I used the Revlon Photoready Kajal Intese Eyeliner + Brightener in 'Emerald Empire' from the Evening Opulence collection.

3. Take a flat brush and apply an iridescent shimmering light green and apply it on the inner half of the lid.
I used a color from the Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette 'Muse'.

4. Apply a dark green shade on the outer half of the lid, on top of the green eyeliner.
I used the darkest green in the Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette 'Muse'.

5. With a clean brush, start blending colors into the crease.

6. With the clean blending brush, apply a matte white on the brow bone.
I used Sugarpill's 'Tako' eyeshadow.

7. Apply a nude eyeliner on the waterline (I also applied some of the emerald eyeliner on the outer part of the lower lash line).
I used the Revlon Photoready Kajal Intese Eyeliner + Brightener in 'Emerald Empire.

8. Apply the deep green shade that you used on the lid on the outer part of the lower lash line and a shimmering purple on the inner corner. I used colors from the Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow Palette 'Muse'.

Let me know what you guys think of this look and of the products I used!


  1. Beautiful! I love green and purple together.

  2. Not a fan of the light green shade you used...maybe if you used Nyx Milk underneath it or something else, it would have popped more. As it is, I thought you left the inner half nude and used a green glitter in the middle of your eyelid to blend the green & nude. I love the dark green Revlon eyeshadow though :)

    1. I have to agree 100% with you. This was my first time using the eyeshadow palette and I am not a fan of the light green myself. From far away it looks fine, but when you see the close-ups you can see that the green is really patchy. It was very hard to use and it was not opaque at all. I will be doing a review/comparison of the eyeshadow palette, so I will talk about tat soon.
      As always, I appreciate your honest comments! You kind of reassure my thoughts about that eyeshadow.

    2. Ok important.. I too don't like the light green BUT.... Go and buy the new essence cream shadow 01 dive with me to the island from the ticket to paradise collection. It is a richer beautiful long lasting color that is like the light green in the revlon palette. It looks so gorg underneath!! I

  3. Aw wow just read your review and glad you felt exactly the same way! From afar it does look pretty but it's very patchy in the closeup shots. Honestly, you made it work better than most everyday makeup users probably would. Test it out over a white or green base and see if you like it any better before giving up hope on it entirely!

    A YSL palette almost-dupe for $8 is not bad at all!

    1. Yeah, I'll definitely try it over the NYX Milk jumbo pencil and see how that works out!


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