Sunday, August 28, 2011

FOTD + Haul: Vans Warped Tour 2011

 (Warning! Picture heavy!And Long post! You have been warned)

Hii Gals~ Hope you are all doing well :) Specially all you girls from the east coast! I hope you are all safe!

I have this waaay over due post on my experience at Warped Tour. It was on August 11th~ It was such an amazing experience *sigh* I got to see various great bands, and I got to meet some of the band members! I was so ecstatic~ Here is my small concert haul:

1. Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Tank Top
~I like this a lot! I love the design on the tank and I love the band!

2. Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Band Tee
~Again, I like the design and the band so this is a great band tee for me.

 3. Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows rubber bracelet
~I love these rubber bracelet things! I have a couple of some other bands~ I don't know why I love them so much! I prefer these over jewelry any day of the week!
 Ah and this bracelet I am wearing was a present from my awesome friend Alex. She brought it for me from Rome, where she was studying abroad for the summer. I really love it and I wear it all the time.

This was the look I wore at the concert, although I had sun glasses all the time so no one really saw my pretty makeup :(  I will do a separate post on this eye look because I don't want this post to be too long so I will just give you a quick look at the makeup. I went for a grungy, dark look. It was a terrible idea! It was so hot, and I was sweating like crazy. I felt my makeup was going to melt off. We were at the concert from 12-8, and it is summer in north california, and it was hot!!

Here are a few pics of the actual concert, and I am not showing you me, cause I looked like a hot mess:

Michael Jagmin. Singer of A Skylit Drive. My friends and I saw him we walked around and took some pics with him. I am not going to show the one I took with with! I look so crazy. But you can see me on the left corner of the pic. I am holding a crumpled piece of paper. That was the set list of D.R.U.G.S. which Criag Owens threw and I caught it.
Craig Owens. Singer of D.R.U.G.S. and ex-singer of Chiodos. He was at a signing, and we saw him and got to take picture of him before they hit the stage. 
A Skylit Drive performance. Jag goes into the crowd. Man people are brutal. I got pulled by the hair because he was right in front of me at one point and the guy wanted to get close to Jag. He decided I was in the way... >_<"
I love this pic! A lot of the members on the band look like they have gravity-defying hair!
 Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Performance~

Craig Owens being awesome

Before you say anything about the picture above and deem me a pervert, no I did not purposely take a picture of Craig Owen's crotch! I swear! Lol. I love this picture because you can see three hands on the far left: Craig Owens' hand, my hand, and my friend's hand~ Her hand you can see the most clearly (you can see her nails and all). Craig's hand is also clear because you can see his arm, and he is a man so it's pretty hairy, ahaha. My hand is the least clear because it is intertwined with Craig's *insert dreamy sigh*. When singers go into the crowd they need to hang onto people so they won't fall down, and I was the closest person so he clasped onto my hand. I seriously almost died, because Craig Owens has become one of my biggest idols and most favorite artist. Ah, I felt so happy~

Next up is Adam Russel, bassist of D.R.U.G.S and also of the band Story of the Year. The pics are kind of blurry so excuse that. But in the pics of him he looks like he is modeling! I also caught a guitar pic from him, so I was pretty happy!

Haha his hair looks like it was spiked up, but it was just that he swung his hair up, and the picture was taken at the right moment! Haha. Super Saiyan powers~

Ah see! Modeling for the camera!

Oh yeah, work it.

There was a lot of bands that played at Warped Tour~ We also saw Sum 41, Family Force 5 (they were really awesome!), We Came As Romans, and we saw a couple other bands, but I can't remember their names. I wanted to see The Devil Wears Prada and A Day To Remember, but I didn't get to see them.

Okay I am done now! Sorry for the super long post, but I hope you guys can enjoy something a little different and non makeup-related! I will have the EOTD poster later tonight :D There also more concerts that I am going to be going to this year (Blink-182, Alesana, A Skylit Drive, Sleeping with Sirens), so I will most likely also post pics of those~

Do you like either of these bands? And if you listen to rock music, what bands are your favorites? If you don't like rock, what type of music do you like?


  1. Wow, this is such a cool rock and roll post. I really like the way you did your eye makeup and that shirt is so rocker. Looks like such a fun event.


  2. I love that black smokey eye~ You look so sexy!

  3. haa i have a billion band tees from back when i was in highschool.
    fun pics(:

    <3 BB

  4. Have not heard of ANY of the bands you mentioned, though I'm sure they're awesome=) I love that eye look on you, I'm always so nervous when going for darker looks so would love an in depth post about it:)


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