Friday, August 19, 2011

Jewelry Review: Justyni3's Swarovski Necklaces

Hello lovelies ;)

After hearing about this jewelry store, I just had to buy me some Swarovski awesomeness. This online store is Justyni3's Sparkly KaWaii-NesS. The store is really cute and the owner is really nice. I had a slight problem with communication; she never emailed me back. But I am satisfied with my purchases.

These are all hand made, which is super awesome ^_^
I purchased two things:

~Love's Amour Necklace ($31)
Sterling silver armor wraps beautifully around the top of the new limited edition shade of Swarovski heart crystal. This shade changes color in different angles and lightings. It's a mix of fuschia, copper, gold and olive green. Eye catching!
Picture from the website

This necklace is so pretty! The crystal is so multi-colored and awesome; I just simply love the dimension in color. It is dainty, girly, and cute, but it still has a spunky quality to it because of the color of the crystal. I love this necklace, even though I tend to wear bigger and crazier necklaces than this one. 
The chain is very small and dainty as well. I am  scared of breaking it, but maybe that is just because I am not used to such delicate jewelry. I have been wearing this a lot since I got it! I am glad I bought this one.

~Key To My Hear II ($19)
Sterling silver 17" chain wraps beautifully around the small Bali silver keycharm. A small Swarovski heart dangles from the key.
Picture from the Website

Before anything, I should mention I bought this because I love the antique keys. I am attracted to jewelry with keys, and this one looked like something I would love. And I do love the concept: an antiqued key with a dangling red Swarovski crystal heart. But, I am just not loving it.
The thing  that disappointed me the most was the size; I thought it would be somewhat bigger. But that is partly my fault for misjudging the size.
Another thing that bothered me was that the chain wraps around the key; it is cool, but it makes the chain look a little awkward when you wear it.

I really love the Love's Amour necklace and I highly recommend it.  The key necklace is okay, and I will wear it occasionally, but it is definitely not a favorite. I do not recommend the key necklace unless you love very small charms.

Rating: 8/10
Recommend? Yes, I loved one of the necklaces and I am sure there are plenty more awesome choices!
Repurchase? I don't repurchase jewelery, but I would definitely go back and buy something else :)


  1. Beautiful necklaces! Will definitely keep this place in mind when I want to treat myself to something pretty!

  2. so blink blink! I love blink blink thingss <3 <3
    but i don;t really like too small charm o,o

  3. Wow, they both look amazing! Especially the first one O_____O

  4. Pretty! I love my sparkles. lol
    The 2nd one is really cute and unique.

  5. those look super pretty dear! :)


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