Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lipstick Compendium: MAC 'Violetta' Lipstick

Yup, another MAC lipstick. Hooray! (or not...whichever you choose)

*Here is a little fact about my lipstick collection: 60% of it is MAC. Why? Because MAC lipsticks come in a range of different colors, finishes, and they are reasonably priced. Also, the B2M program is awesome because for every 6 empty MAC products you take back to the MAC store, you get one free item. I personally love to B2M for new lippies.

MAC 'Violetta' is a bright purple toned fuchsia with slight blue and purple micro shimmer.
It is an Amplified finish, my favorite ♥ ! Smooth, creamy, and very opaque in color.
It is a PRO color so you can purchase it from MAC PRO stores. I have the one in the Maleficent packaging! She is my favorite Disney villain!I know for a fact that this color will be re-promoted with a new collection coming out in September.So if you like it, but don't want to order from MAC pro, you can wait until then :D

Products Used
~NYX lip liner 'Purple Rain' ($2-$4)
~MAC Violetta lipstick  ($14, but I think the special packaged Disney one was $15)
~H.I.P 'Arresting' liquid lipcolor ($2 at my local Railey's)
Swatches from top to bottom: NYX Purple Rain  /  MAC Violetta  /   HIP Arresting

Most of the blue shimmers come from the H.I.P. lipgloss, and also the lipgloss is a slightly more of a darker fuchsia and less purple toned than Violetta. Also, notice that the lip combo looks really magenta on my lips, compared to how it swatches on my hand.

Love this color! I wish it was a little more purple, but on my skin tone it shows up way more fuchsia. After removal, this lipstick leaves a really nice stain on the lips! I love it. It is a really pretty and chic color; perfect for a girl's night out, a party, or wherever you want. 
My only complaint is that it tends to move around on my lips a little. And again, I wished it was more purple.

Rating: 8.5/10
Recommend? Yes! If you want a fun, bold color, this is definitely something to check out. I recommend this to people who want to try a purple lipstick but don't want something too purple.

 *I keep forgetting to take a picture of just the lipstick on my lips. But I will do it next time @_@


  1. Oh~~~ Gorgeous shade~~ It's so sparkly~ XD

  2. wow thats a fierce color! and your lipsticks are always in such nice shape, like the slant is well maintained...if u get what i mean LOL mine always end up looking oddly shaped after using it for awhile >.<

  3. @ShinyPrettyThings: Yes! I totally do! I am not sure how I get then to slant so good. I guess its the way I apply them? Lol.

  4. OMG, love it. So my style, I love purpley lips!

  5. wow that is a lovely intense shade!! Love it!

  6. HECK YES I love this color!!! So hot!!!

  7. This looks awesome on you! I will have to wear purple lipsticks vicariously through you :)

  8. this lip of yours is giving me heart palpitations!!! it's the most perfect thing ever, i NEED that HIP color!


  9. Such gorgeous colours! I don't think I'd ever have the guts to wear them though :(

  10. very pretty!
    visit me and follow, i will follow back then sweatheart <3

    sweet and sugars,

  11. Your lips are so sexy! I love the color!

  12. wow im loving the colors!!! and that mac packaging is outstanding!! the villain collection makes me so happy!

  13. it looks so gorgeous on your lips! this is such a nice color for fall doll! :D

  14. that is juuust gorgeous!!! i love purple lipsticks, and Arresting is one of my favorite lip glosses of all time!!!


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