Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EOTD: Socialite Dreams

[This should technically be Eyes of the Night~but whatever]

Hi Dolls~

I did this look last night at the suggestion of Vonnie from Socialite Dreams. She asked me to do a look using the colors gold, green, and blue. I was going to wait to think of something, but I ended up going out last night with my older brother and some of his friends. I had zero makeup when they decided to go out, and I literally had 5 minutes to get ready. I spent like 2 minutes on this look~ I hope you guys like it, specially you Vonnie (Thanks for the request by the way)!

Products Used:
~ELF Eyelid Primer
~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
~MAC Gold Mine eyeshadow
~MAC She Who Dares eyeshadow (LE)
~MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow
~Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara

I went for all shimmery colors because I love shimmer for night time looks <3 You can definitely replace shimmery colors for matte ones!

How to Achieve this Look
1.Apply your primer or base.
2.Apply She Who Dares (the green side) or any shimemery green on the outer 2/3's of the lid
3.Apply Gold Mine eyeshadow, or any shimemery gold, on the inner 1/3 of the lid and the inner corner
4.Blend the gold into the green until you have a nice transition between the two colors
5.Using a matte light brown, apply it above the crease. This will help to blend the gold and green on the crease (I didn't have a lot of time to blend, so my application is far from perfect).
6.Apply Deep Truth, or any shimmery dark blue, on the lower lash line.
7.With Deep Truth, wing out the color outwards, creating a reverse cat eye look
(in other words, a cat-eye liner but on the lower lash line).
8.Using a black pencil, line the waterline and tightline as well.
9.Apply mascara.

This is not as complicated as it might sound. It seriously took me under 2 minutes to do this. Its not perfect, but who cares. I got a couple of compliments from strangers who liked my eye makeup~

Thanks for reading ♥ Stay Awesome.


  1. This is super nice. Love the color combination


  2. omg omg omgeeeeenessssss!!! this is fierce NANCYYY, freakin' stunning!!! My favorite look thus far (and I know I say that every week), but you know that only means you're getting better and better :)))

  3. even better than i imagined!!!! i didn't know what you'd come up with and i loooooove how it came out :D really good job boo

  4. love this look!! i can't believe you did it in five minutes! you're fast!

  5. This is soooooo pretty! I think I just fell in love with gold mine and deep truth. You never cease to amaze me with you EOTDs!

  6. The pop of blue is so pretty!!

  7. I absolutely love this look. I love your pictures of your eyeshadows. I wish my pictures looked as great as yours.

    Hot. That is all.

  9. this made me want to scream PPPuuuurrrrtty!
    Definitely going to try this. It's just beautiful.

  10. Nancy, this is really gorgeous! I love how you mix and blended all the colors! loving it dear! :)

  11. love the liner from below! :) it looks sooooo beautiful doll! :D you really blend the eyeshadows so well. i wish i had your skill when it comes to eye makeup. ;)

  12. God, you are the fucking queen at gorgeous eye looks! haha

  13. OMGSH NANCY this is GORGEOUS! I love love love it :) I'm totally going to try some "reversed liner" looks now! I forgot about that technique

  14. wow!!!!

    What beautiful combination of colours I'm so going to try this!


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