Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do Braids Help Hair Grow Longer and Stronger?

I wanted to bring up this "myth" so that I can hear what you guys think on the subject.
I have always heard from my mother and several other people that braiding the hair will help to make the hair grow faster and stronger. I have never believed that the action of braiding the hair alone will help, but that genetics and lifestyle play the biggest role in the health of the hair. But then I started to think back to when I was younger.

Ever since I can remember, my mother had always braided my hair every single night. And she would very often braid my hair on a daily basis. As a child, I had extremely long (all the way to my hips) and healthy hair. I had my hair this way up until 7th or 8th grade. When I was in 9th grade, I chopped off my hair, and stopped braiding it. I think from then onwards, I have not been able to grow my hair back to it's original length. So I have been thinking of trying out this method of braiding my hair every single night, and also occasionally during the day. Of course, straightening my hair has also played a role in making my hair less healthy, so I also want to minimize the use of heat on my hair.

Braids will also be a hot hairstyle for fall/winter~

I adore this photo!

And of course being a huge Star Wars fan, I am also a huge fan of Princess Leia's braided hairstyles.

What are your guy's thought on this? Do you believe that braids will help hair to grow faster? Do you have any methods for faster hair growth?


  1. i love braids, wish my hair was long enough for them ;-(

  2. Wow i have never heard of this myth! I don't know if I believe it since I never had a phase when I braided my hair every day, just occasionally. Tell me how it goes :)!

  3. I have no idea, but I hope it's true for those who want to grow their hair longer =) When I had long hair I liked braiding it for an effortless look~ =)

  4. Straightening the hair really damages it, even though we don't see it. My best friend had super long shiny hair, then she got all obsessed with the flat iron. A few years later, her hair was hanging in thin strands just below her shoulder, maximum. She stopped using the flat iron so often, and voila! Slowly but surely they grew back!

  5. That photo that you adore is also my favorite one. I love it <333

  6. Aww, I saw many braid hair style this season on pop sister and popteen magazine , so cuttee :D

    I dont know its tru or not but I often braid my hair and I feel my hair is more longer now,but maybe just my feeling, XD

  7. I really doubt that braids make hair grow faster.

    In any case, I think Biotin's supposed to help hair grow fast? I don't notice stuff like that very much.

  8. I had my hair in braids for about a year and my hair got really long. I don't know if that had anything to do with the braids, though.
    I love doing my hair like Leia and Padme from Star Wars.
    If you love Star Wars, you should come over to my blog!


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