Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Recap 10/3-10/09

I am sure you guys have seen weekly recaps before (perhaps?). I have seen couple other bloggers do this, and I think it is a great idea! This way, I can compile in one post all the posts that were posted that week, as well as posts from other bloggers that I particularly loved reading. I can also add some Youtube videos that I liked :)

butter London No More Waity, Katie
Swatch and review of this very popular butter London nail varnish.
Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless 
Swatch, review, and looks using some of the products from this collection.
September Favorites
My monthly favorite for makeup, music, and more.
MAC Asian Flower Sheen Supreme Lipstick
MAC Korean Candy Sheen Supreme Lipstick
Swatch and review of the new sheen supreme lipstick by MAC.
Love Alpha Frozen Jelly Eye Colors
Review and EOTDs of 3 products from KKCenterhk.
Sultry Snow White Look
FOTD of this smokey look inspired by sexy Snow White lips.
Little Black Dress with an Asian Flower Look
FOTD using Stila and MAC products.

I don't have many links to other blogs and videos because I wasn't prepared to do this post, but I will take notes for next week. I will leave you with my favorite Youtube Guru though ;)
 I love Michele! She is such an honest, genuine youtuber. I adore the products she shows, and I overall just enjoy watching every second of her videos. In the 2.5 years I have watched Youtube beauty videos, she is still my favorite youtuber. I highly recommend you check her out!


  1. I super love michelle too! :)

  2. I like Michele too. :) she is part of the reason I recently started doing videos myself. :) I was thinking about doing weekly recap posts as well. :) kind of a one stop shop.

  3. i watch her videos too!! and korean candy looks great on you. i am tempted to buy it just bc the name is so cool hahaha i've never heard of a lipstick named anything korean before!


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