Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fyrinnae Halloween 2011 Collection

Hello everyone~ I have something very special for you guys today: the new Fyrinnae Halloween collection! This combines two things I absolutely love: Fyrinnae shadows and Halloween~
I purchased these as soon as I could and I have been enjoying them sooo much. I cannot even express how much I adore Fyrinnae <3

Price and Availability
You can purchase these on the Fyrinnae website. FYI, the site is down occasionally since they receive such a huge volume of orders. Check periodically until the store is back up. Also, there isn't a specific page just for the new colors. Make sure you check the entire list of their shadows as well the page for the arcane eyeshadows.
Prices are:
$2.50 for a sample
$5.50 for a full size
Sample sizes are very generous, and I recommend you go for the samples since they are inexpensive and there in more than enough product. Then if you really love a color, you can buy a full size.

Product Review
I am so impressed with the colors from this collection. I really have to give kudos to Fyrinnae; they make the most complex and smoothest shadows ever!
The colors and names are simply amazing. So much so that I can say without a doubt that these shadows are the best eyeshadows I have purchased this year. I purchased 8 sample sizes and a back up of Pixie Epoxy and the total, including shipping, was under $25.Imagine, one MAC pigment jar is $20 and the quality is not as great as Fyrinnae shadows, but with $25 you can get 8 Fyrinnae colors (+1 extra free sample) and a whole tube of Pixie Epoxy. Yeah, the MAC one has more product, but are you really going to use up an entire MAC pigment? Not likely.
I would also like to mention that this collection had about 3 shades with glitter. I thought that the ones that had glitter would be a little grainy in texture, but they are not at all!! Even the glitter packed shadows are super smooth!

 *the (arcane) means that that eyeshadow is part of the arcane eyeshadow range. Arcanes are the colors that shift colors depending on the light.

Purgatory- One of my favorite colors of the collection. It is a blackened crimson. Totally kick ass! I am going to use the crap out this color because it is so gorgeous! Totally a Dark Side kind of color :D
Alchemist's Curse (arcane)- A blackened purple base with tons of purple shimmer. The pictures are a little deceiving. I think this is really similar to MAC Young Punk eyeshadow. This is a really great dupe for it. I <3 this color. Can't go wrong with a blackened purple.
Dorian Grey-A very dark gunmetal grey with silver and  blue/teal shimmers. The camera did not capture the blue/teal in this shade. It is super pretty!
Raven's Prophecy (arcane)-A black base with tons of green and blue micro-glitter. Firstly, love the name. Ravens and Crows are my favorite animals (weird, I know)! Also, the small glitter in this is so beautiful. The gliters glisten and shine in the light and add glamour to any look.

Steampunk (free sample with order) (arcane)- A very complex mixture of brown and purple. This color is so hard to describe. It changes depending on the light.
Are You My Mummy? (arcane)- An iridescent bright green that changes in the light. Um, Doctor Who reference, anyone? This color was named after the Doctor Who episode where this little dead kid keeps saying "Are you my mommy?" But the English accent makes it sound like "mummy, thus adding the Halloween reference as well.Genius!
Book of the Dead - This can be a very bright clean gold, or a tarnished, dirty gold. The colors changes depending on the light. This one has become my favorite gold shade! It is very pigmented an absolutely gorgeous!~

Bride of Frankenstein (arcane)- A sparkling turquoise blue with yellow and silver glitter. The shadow looks chunky in the jar, but it applies very smoothly.
Wake Not the Dead(arcane)- Glistening purple with yellow, blue, and silver micro-shimmer. This one also applies very smoothly. And its purple :D Love this ^_^
 I absolutely love all the new colors! I think Fyrinnae did an amazing job at creating these new colors and giving them great names as well. The price is fantastic and the quality is top notch. I HIGHLY recommend these. If you decide to pick up a color or two, I also recommend that you get the Pixie Epoxy. Although these colors are good on their own, they look so much better over the Pixie Epoxy.
The only bad thing I can think of is that with the glittery ones you might get a little fall out, but honestly that is really not such a big deal. I can't wait for future collection from Fyrinnae~ And I also need to try their Lip Lusters!

Thanks for reading ^_^ Happy Early Halloween!


  1. wow these are gorgeous shadows!!!! would def be perfect for halloween. def gonna check out the site. happy early halloween to u too hun! XO

  2. These colours look amazing! Every time I head to their site it is closed or hard to navigate:( I want to try some of their shades out, you'll need to teach me how to work with dark shades!!!

    Emma x

  3. @ShinyPrettyThings: Thanks dear! Definitely check them out ^_^

    @emmabovary: Yeah, that tends to be a problem, but I assure you the hassle is worth it!!Of course!! I think everyone can pull of dark colors, it is just a matter of how you apply them.

  4. I just ordered some Halloween stuff from Fyrinnae a few days ago as well! Your swatches are making me so excited to get them

    Thanks for sharing Nancy, can't wait to see what looks you come up with using these colors :)

  5. Purgatory and Alchemist's Curse are AMAZING! You neeeeeed to do an EOTD with Purgatory immediately! :P

  6. @Charisse: Yay! I would love to know what you think about the shadows when you receive them!
    Your welcomed! I will try my best ;)

  7. Those look amazing, I especially love the look of 'Purgatory' x

  8. @VampiressDoll: Yes! Purgatory is my favorite :)

  9. Oh gosh... I don't think there's a single shade here I'll be able to pass on . xP

  10. these colors are amazing!

  11. WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! i just love Purgatory, Alchemist's Curse, and Raven's Prophecy...i swoon, seriously

  12. i try to see the Fyrinnae's website but it always says: 'Fyrinnae will be back soon' :( why?

  13. @Julia - they get overwhelmed with orders and in order to catch up they close the site down temporarily. They're super popular.

    @Nancy - I'm a mod at Makeup Talk and while I own all of the new shadows I haven't swatched anything. Mind if I use a few of your images there in conjunction with my own images? Here's the link. I did post one image with a link to this blog entry.


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