Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cult Nails 'Mind Control'

Mind Control~~ The third color from the Cult Nails Super Powers Collection. It is taking me so long to swatch these! I am truly sorry!

Mind Control is a very dark purple with purple/pink micro-glitter. The color is exactly the same as the Stila 'Little Black Dress' Smudge Pot! I was very excited to find out that the colors were the same because now I can match my nails my eye makeup :D I am such a dork!
Other than that, the color is not the most exciting thing. I love purples and I love shimmer, and this has both, but a lot of other people won't be overly excited over this color. 

Like the other Cult Nails polishes, this has a really great formula. It was opaque in two coats and it was not thick or watery. The colors lasts on my nails for a really long time as well and I have had no chips in the past days I have been wearing it.

The camera did no justice to the color. In person, it looks so much better!! The shimmers really pop in person, and the base color isn't as dark flat and dark as it looks in the photos.

With 1 coat of  'Clairvoyant' (aka Unicorn Puke)

I love trying new purple polishes. This one was no exception. I loved how it looked on my nails, and I really enjoyed using it. Surprisingly, I like it better without clairvoyant on top. The formula was fantastic, but the color could have been a little better. I think it would have looked better if the purple was a little bit brighter. But overall, I do like the color.  

Rating: 9.5/10


  1. The purple shimmers in Mind Control is so pretty! Clairvoyant looks good with any base polish!

  2. love it, dark and lovely

  3. looks like the galaxy if you know what i mean. it's like what outer space looked like in pictures with stars. :D

  4. They look so pretty on you!! Loving purple polish too!

  5. you always discover the most amazing polishes!! LOVE the beautiful but subtle shimmer it gives. & it looks absolutely amazing w Clairvoyant over it. i am obsessed w purple polishes too. doesn't matter how many i hv. if i see a display I always reach for the purple color first lol

  6. The flecks are GORGEOUS!!!!! This polish too seems like it'd be great for this holiday season. :D I kinda wanna get some for myself...oh noes~

  7. i think the colours are very nice, i luv how long and neat your nails are, i have a bad habbit of bitting them, i luv how it is dark with purple shimmers, with the top coat it looks groegeous


  8. freaking amazing color!
    need now :)
    and your nails are amazingly long, such a pretty shape too!

  9. I was thought aswell I prefer it without clairvoyant on top =) Looks like such a pretty colour ! And I'm still jealous of your long nails =D hehe !!

    xxx Vee

  10. so lovely Nancy!!! very festive in a vampy kind of way :))

  11. its so pretty even though its dark.


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