Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Ellis Faas Winter Set

[Warning: Long Post!]

Trying new products is so exciting, especially if it is a product that you have really wanted to try. I have seen Ellis Faas products on numerous blogs, and I always wanted to try them. I received an amazing opportunity to try their new Winter Set, and it has been a pleasure to finally get to try them. I hope to give you a detailed review so you have an idea of what these products are all about.

The Winter Set includes:
-Milky Lips L201
-Milky eyes E209
-Creamy Eyes E103
-3 Ellis Clips (to clip the pens together for easier storage)

If you are not familiar with Ellis Faas products, here is an overview of the packaging. All the products are in pen form. They have a brush applicator, and the product comes out when you twist the pen. You then brush the product on the lips or eyes.
 Above, is the little twist part which you twist to dispense the product. And below is the brush applicator. The brush is not too soft which allows for better precision application. Before using the product, make sure to soften up the brush. Just gentle press it against your palm.

Price and Availability
Each item is sold separately on the Ellis Faas Website. Don't quote me on this, but I believe that the set will be available soon and will retail for $85. Also, shipping costs are extremely reasonable (I believe it is $5.50 for the US).
EDIT: Here is the link to the page for this set

Formula and Color
 I really love the fact that it has a color indicator on the end of each pen. It makes it easier to find the color you seek.

-Milky Lips L201:
A deep, blood red. It can also be sheered out to a brighter, stain-like apple red.
The formula is amazing!! It is not sheer, but not completly opaque at first. It can be built up from a nice stain-like red lip to a fully opaque Snow White red lip. The product is so smooth and very moisturizing. It is not matte, it has semi-gloss finish. On my lips it lasts about 3 hours, and then it begins to fade. When it fades, it leaves behind a red tint, which makes it look like you applied a lip stain. I love that :D
Out of all the three products, this was definitely my favorite.

-Milky eyes E209: A satin beige shadow with small sparkles. It is slightly darker than my skin tone. It applies smoothly, but can be a little dry on my eye lids. The color doesn't show up very well on my skin either. It blends in for the most part, which kind of defeats the purpose of it being an eyeshadow. But I have found a use for it: an eyeshadow base. I can apply eyeshadows over this color, or just apply this alone and add eyeliner and mascara.

-Creamy Eyes E103: An extremely opaque black. I really love this! The color is so intense. It is very easy to blend and once it dries, it will not budge. I have MAC's black cream color base, and that creases like crazy. This one does not crease and does not smudge. It is great as a black base for other colors, great on its own, and it actually makes a fantastic eye liner. I have to be honest, I didn't think too much of this when I first received it because it was just a black color. But after using it various times, I know it is something I  an get a lot of use from. I can use it for so many different looks, especially smokey eyes. Definitely a must have for people who love using black on their eyes. A word of caution though. If you plan to use this as a base, make sure to apply the eyeshadows over it before it completely dries. When it dries, it  has a matte finish and it is difficult to get colors to show up on it. 

L201  /   E103  / E209
Here is the beige color on my lids. The color blends into my skin. I hope you can see that it has a shimmering quality to it. It also looks a bit dry.

Here, I used the Creamy Eyes as a base for this eye look. I applied the black on my lids, and topped it off with a shimmering purple on the crease and a little over the black base as well. The Creamy Eyes blended very well and dries almost matte. 

I am wearing all three products. I am wearing the a the Milky Lips (not completely opaque to get a more wearable color), the Milky Eyes on my entire lid, and the Creamy Eyes as a black liner. 

I am very much in love with the Milky Lips and the Creamy Eyes! The Milky Eyes is "meh" mostly because of the color. I love that these products are different. Kudos to Ellis Faas for making products and having this unique concept. The brand is expensive, but the quality of the products is superb. The pens themselves are very durable, and the method of application of the products is very convenient, especially for travel. If you are willing to spend the money on good quality products, I would definitely recommend these. If you are interested, definitely check out the Ellis Faas website.

Rating: 8.5/10 

Thanks for reading :D
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

*These were sent to me for consideration. All opinions stated are my own. 


  1. The products look great! I would love the black Creamy Eyes product, as i think it would make a really good eyeliner. :D

  2. ohhhh i've seen this brand in a pixiwoo video!! they're so cool & travel friendly. looove the look u did w this. wow the shadows r so pigmented!

  3. these are soo pretty! I love your eye looks.

  4. thanks for sharing these products (: all look good! very pigmented!

    CMPang x

  5. The black creamy eyes is so matte! I like it! And it looks great in your EOTD.

  6. wow those colors are very pigmented. they look great on you!

  7. very pretty! the brand ellis faas seems to be a brand to watch out for. ;)

  8. Very pretty! I checked out Ellie Faas at a Space NK inside Bloomie's a few weeks ago. I wanted to try the concealers but they didn't have my shade--the closest ones were too light and too dark. I do love the creamy lips, but didn't get one because they look just like other colors I already

  9. opps---think I said Ellie Faas in my last I meant Ellis

  10. amazing review =) The black eye thingy seems amazing !!

    xxx Vee


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