Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Shiro Cosmetics Death Note Collection

I hate to come off as a crazy fangirl....BUT OMG!! DEATH NOTE MAKEUP! OVMFRBMRGMBR~! <3

One thing that you should know about me is that I am obsessed with anime/manga. When I was in 10th grade in high school (2006) and pretty much through out my high school years, I went through this whole Death Note obsession. I started reading the manga, and then when the anime was released in 2007 I also went totally crazy for it. I love Death Note because it is so different. It was morbid, comical, idealistic, yet still had a Sherlock Holmes twist to it. My Death Note obsession only grew when I started going to anime conventions, where I could buy endless amounts of Death Note merch. I had like 5 Death Note bags, tons of posters, all the manga volumes, and of course eventually bought the anime DVDs (I still own all of these btw). Even to this day, I still have a slight obsession with Death Note. I still love L and still cry whenever I see the episode where he dies (Damn you Light!).
When I heard Shiro Cosmetics was releasing a Death Note collection, I immediately reverted back to my 10th grade self. I knew I HAD to have the entire collection. So I bought it when it was released and very eagerly awaited. Of course, Shiro takes a while to ship and whatnot, but it eventually arrived into my little Death Note-loving hands.

Price and Availability 
You can purchase this collection on the Shiro Cosmetics website.
The shadows range from $1-$5 (depending on the size you choose). There are 10 colors in this collection, so you can buy them separately or as a set. The set costs: $9 for sample bags, $27 for a set of mini jars, or $45 for full size jars. I purchased the $27 set.


-Heart Attack: Cranberry/Maroon with blue shimmers
-Task Force: Similar to Heart Attack, but it is deeper and does not have the blue shimmer
-Shinigami: Deep purple with silver shimmer
-More Sugar: Purple toned taupe/brown.
-Heaven Nor Hell: Pigmented gunmetal gray

-Perfect World: Metallic mustard gold (If that makes any sense)
-Divine Justice: Reddish brown with gold shimmer (oddly one of my favorites of the collection)
-Mistrust: Cool toned, dirt brown (doesn't that sound appealing?) with gorgeous silver sparkles
-Detective: Taupe toned gray with blue shimmers/duo chrome
-Second Kira: Deep green-gray with beautiful gold shimmer (My absolutely favorite!)

There is a good variation on colors in the collection: reds, purples, golds, browns, and grays. I was really impressed with the more neutral colors, and slightly disappointed with the reds/purples. Heart Attack was the most unique of the three red/purple colors, mostly because of the blue shimmer.Task Force and Shinigami are nice but they could have been better since they were sheerer than the rest of the shades. The neutral colors (such as Divine Justice, Mistrust, and Second Kira) are absolutely phenomenal. They are very pigmented and very smooth. Divine Justice and Mistrust have a almost matte-like texture (very smooth, buttery and pigmented) but they do have shimmer and they are very easy to blend, unlike most matte eyeshadows.

In terms of color choices for the Death Note theme, I think it could have been a little better. I am surprised there isn't more dark colors (reds and blacks, and blues especially) But regardless, I still really like the colors. 

Good Things
Firstly, of course, they are inspired by the Death Note series. The names are cool too ^_^
I am impressed with the color variation and with how much I love a couple of the shadows particularly Second Kira, Divine Justice, Mistrust, and Heaven Nor Hell. These colors are extremely pigmented, smooth, blendable, and extremely gorgeous.
Ah, and don't forget, these eyeshadows are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free~

Bad Things
But, I am a little disappointed that the jars don't have a cool design on the top. The Pokemon and Zelda themed collections had a cool sticker on the lid, but this one doesn't. That really bummed me out.
(EDIT: Only the full size jars come with the cute stickers)
Also, I seem to have one big issue with the Shiro Cosmetics jars. I guess I always forget to ask if they could leave out the sifters in the jars. The jars are very generously packed with eyeshadow, and although this is a very good thing, it also prevents the eyeshadow from going through the sifter. I either have to shake the jar upside down vigorously in order to get the eye shadow to go through the sifter or to take out the sifter out. I prefer to do the latter, but it takes a little bit of time and patience.
Lastly, some of the colors will be a little sheer, so it would be better to use a primer or some sort of base under the sheerer shades (Heart Attack, Task Force, Shinigami, Perfect World)

More Swatches!

I love Second Kira! It is my favorite of all the shades~

Final Verdict
Although I am not in love with all the colors, this turned out to be a really great collection. I wish Shiro had put some Death Note themed stickers on the jar, but either ways I am happy to have a Death Note themed collection! I completely love some some of the shades from this collection, preferably Second Kira, Divine Justice, and Heaven Nor Hell. I recommend these colors from the collection because they are of excellent quality!
I am very content with my very first complete set from Shiro Cosmetics. I own some of the Pokemon and Zelda collections, but not all of them.

Rating: 8/10
Recommend? Definitely, especially if you are a Death Note fan or a fan of vegan makeup.
Repurchase? If I were to repurchase a color or buy a backup, it would be of Second Kira. It is hands down my favorite color.

Which is your favorite color from this collection? What color combos would you like to see in a EOTD?
Ah I definitely will be doing eye looks with these!


  1. these are pretty colors

  2. That's pretty cool! :D I never would have imagined it, lol. All the colours are lovely, though. :)

  3. these are really awesome colours!! LOVE!!

  4. Detective is such a pretty color and so unique :) I wouldn't mind getting that shade! Great swatches :)

  5. I love Death Note too! Though I only watched the anime and the movies. Loved them!
    I'm not sensing a Death Note vibe from these colours, but the names are very appropriate. They look pretty nonetheless!

  6. THESE ARE AWESOME! I love the colors

  7. I was really into anime/manga back in high school (but that was wayyyy before Death Note so I haven't read/seen it), and I LOVE the idea of anime-themed makeup collections even though I'm not familiar with this one <3 <3 I hope they'll keep them coming!

  8. Death Note fan? Check! Fan of vegan makeup? Check! Gotta have one shade at least.

  9. Ugh. I promised you swatches of the Pokemon and Zelda collections. I forgot completely; embarrassed. xP

  10. I quite like the colours and I posted the link to your post on my best friends facebook ^^ she's a fan of Death Note too =)

    xxx Vee

  11. What pretty colors!! *o* They all seem to have that "jewel-toned" factor in them. Can't wait to see more and more looks from you using these!


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