Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Legend of Zelda Series: Midna (Real Form)


It has taken me a really long time to get this post done. I procrastinated for sooo long but I finally did the Midna look. I want to do a second Midna look, as this one was mostly inspired by Midna's real form (more specifically by her eyes). Midna, the Twilight Princess, is such a great character. She is cheeky, stubborn, yet somehwat graceful and kind towards the end. In her real form, she looks so cool! I would totally want to cosplay as her!

Inspiration pictures (not my pictures, they were found on Google search):

Products Used 
-ELF Eyelid Primer
-MAC 'Blacktrack' Fluidline
-Black matte shadow (Urban Decay's Blackout)
-Make-Up Forever #92 Eyeshadow
-Shiro Cosmetics 'Midna' Eyeshadow
-L'oreal Lineur Intense
-KKCenterhk ESA88 Lashes
-Artistry mascara
-Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
-NARS Sin Blush
-Illamasqua 'Kontrol' Lipstick
-Revlon 'Decadent' Lipgloss


1. With a pencil liner or gel liner, make a line just above the crease. You can make the outline and then proceed to go over it with a matte black eyeshadow. (My line is really not perfect at all...but whatever)
2. Apply a dark, matte purple on the eyelid.
Then make a wing from the edge of the eye to connect to the line that is on the crease.
3. Line the upper lash line with either a liquid liner or gel liner.
Then line the outer half of the lower lash line with a black matte eyeshadow.

 4. Apply mascara, and if you wish, you can also apply some false lashes.
5. Finally, apply the same purple shadow on the outer part of the lower lash line. For the sake of the name, I also applied Shiro Comestics eyeshadow in 'Midna' on the inner half of the lower lash line.

And now you are done ♥

This look is mostly inspired by the shape of her eyes, but next time I will do a look inspired the colors she wears. You could wear something like this for cosplaying or for whatever you like :)

See you next time!


  1. perfection, love it

  2. Hooooooooooooly hell that looks amazing. Minda eyes +10 cool and +15 hotness for you. Really pretty. Good job. Your right would be good for cosplaying.

    1. Aww you are too sweet~ Thank you, really!

  3. that matte purple is soooooo gorgeous! wowzer...MUFE for the win again

  4. Waw it looks great =) The purple is definitely made for you ! =)

    xxx Vee

    1. Thank you! I definitely love purple!

  5. Wow! it's so beautiful. You look great!

  6. Gorgeous! I love Midna :) I feel the need to play Twilight Princess again, haha.

    1. Me too! I really want to play it again~

  7. wow u are so crazy creative!!! absolutely gorgeous :D

  8. This is ferocious!!! I love purple, I love your inspiration, and I LOVE how you executed this look!!! Awesome <3

    1. Aww Maryam, dear, you are always so sweet! Thank you~

  9. this is really pretty! I love how you did the black liner then purple in the middle..perfect! :)


    1. Thanks dear
      I hope you are doing well~

  10. The love liner!! You did a great job at shaping it. :]

    1. It was challenging, but I did my best. Thanks~


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