Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: NARS 'Eurydice' Eyeshadow Duo

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I started school again, and I have been very busy! I have four literature classes that are all very demanding. I am at school from 9am to 6:30 pm almost everyday and a 12 hr/week internship. Blogging is going to be a littler slower until I get used to my new schedule, but I will not stop blogging!

Here is a review for my one and only NARS Eyeshadow Duo in 'Eurydice.' I purchased this when it was first released and I haven't used it as much as I should. This is the only NARS duo I have purchased because 1) they are ridiculously expensive and 2) None of the other duos were interesting enough for me.

This duo also interested me because of the name. Eurydice can be a few different women from Greek mythology.The Eurydice I know of the most, and the one that I thought of when I saw this duo, is Eurydice of Thebes. She was Creon's wife and mother of Haemon. She appears in Sophocle's play, Antigone. I read this play a little before this duo was released, and it peaked my interest since I love Antigone (it's such a good play!)

'Eurydice' duo is a combination of a bright, purple-magenta with blue sparkles and a dark, shimmery slate gray.
The swatches are a sort of bad. The swatch of the magenta colors is a little too dark. In person, it looks like something in between the swatch below and how it looks like in the pan above. The swatch of the gray color looks accurate in color, but I just swatched it terribly. I will make sure to do an EOTD with this so you can see what it actually looks like.

The gray shade is excellent; it is extremely pigmented and it is perfect for a smokey eye. The magenta color swatches very well, but when applied to the eye it turns to a matte dark, plummy magenta. The problem with this magenta shade is that is blends out too much, so you loose it's brightness and the shimmers. I suggest using this shade either over a really good base (I like to use Pixie Epoxy) or apply it with your finger. A brush blends it out too much, so using your finger to pat the color in makes it look much better. I do suggest using a brush to blend the edges though. It will be too difficult to blend the edges with your fingers. Also, the magenta can have a lot of fall out, and it can make you look like you have a black eye.
I honestly don't suggest this duo if you don't know how to work with dark colors (this is not a beginners smokey eye duo!). There is fallout, and thus you have the potential to get major raccoon eyes. So basically, beware this duo if you don't have a lot of experience with dark colors.
But, this duo does have the potential to be amazing for dark, smokey looks. It only requires a little bit of patience and maybe some practice.

Although I liked it enough to keep it, and like it enough to still have it and use it, it does lack in quality. For the price, I expected something of better quality, at least from the magenta color.Although the magenta color works much better with my Pixie Epoxy, it should be able to perform well on its own. No one wants to pay $33 for one good shadow and a second mediocre shadow; might as well just buy one good single eyeshadow for a cheaper price. So if you like the look of this duo, I highly suggest trying it out before you buy it, or to keep the receipt in case you don't like it and that way you have the option to return it.

 Have your tired this duo? Or many another NARS duo?


  1. Aww...too bad the magenta shade doesn't live up to what it looks like in the pan. =/ It's still a very lovely color!!..just a little deceiving.

  2. very nice pigmentation

  3. Thanks for the review!
    Have a nice day :)

  4. and i thought that i wanted it so badly :( boooooo

  5. thanks for the review =) it's always such a downer when you try shimmery eyeshadows and you end up losing all the shimmer or glitters when applying !

    xxx Vee

  6. Great review, I hate when colors don't turn out to be the same color as in the pan

  7. i think the deep purple/magenta is an amazing colour, but i totally agree with what you said...for that amount of money, might as well get something that is easy to work with, and better quality..i do admit that the colour is quite unique...oh well~~~great review~~~


  8. I think this duo is really pretty, but I agree with you, it's sometimes hard to justify the prices when you know what great cosmetics are around for way cheaper. I only have one duo, Grand Palais, and don't use it enough either >< I still love it though, and don't regret getting it.


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