Monday, January 9, 2012

NARS Single Eyeshadow Collection

When I first started to become interested in high end makeup, NARS was one of the first brands I tried. Their eyeshadows are great quality and the colors are also very pretty. The sleek and sophisticated packaging intrigued me and the quality and pigmentation of the makeup always keep me coming back for more. I no longer splurge in NARS eyeshadows since they are expensive, but I did manage to collect quite a few of NARS single shadows.

 1. Night Flight: A pigmented black base with a lot of blue shimmers.
This was my very first NARS shadow and my least used. It is extremely pigmented and you don't need a lot of product to get a good color pay off. I mainly use this for gothic-like smokey eye (See my Teal Grunge Look). You can get fall out when applying this, so you have to be careful or else you will get major black
 smudges on the under eye area.

 2. Tropic: A bright aqua teal with large silver glitter.
Don't let the glitter intimidate you; most of the glitter disappears once you apply the color on your lids. I like to use this with Night Flight (See Teal Grunge Look). This can be a very bright color or blended to be a more subtle aqua shade. The one bad thing is that this is a little crumbly and if you are not careful it can be a messy application. Be sure not to press the eyeshadow too hard on the pan or it can crumble a little.
 3. Strada: A soft lilac with glowing golden shimmer.
This was love at first sight! A beautiful purple color with amazing shimmer! What more could I want? But I was later disappointed. The color swatches beautifully, but when applied on the lid most of the golden shimmer disappears and the purple turns a little grey. I thought this was a complete fail...but then I discovered Pixie Epoxy. If I apply Strada over Pixie Epoxy, it ends up looking exactly like in the pan! Of course, if you don't have Pixie Epoxy, I recommend applying this with your fingers. Your finger will apply it much better since a brush will blend it out too much.
 4. Ashes To Ashes: A satin, purple undertone taupe.
This is an amazing shade. It is pigmented, smooth, and it applies like a dream. It is an effortless shade perfect for everyday. For those who love neutral colors, this is something worth checking out! 

 5. Galapagos: A chocolate brown with bright gold shimmer/
A SUPER pigmented shimmery brown! The shimmer does show up on the lid, and it is a stunning neutral. I don't use this shade enough...
 6. Mekong: A Pewter toned dark brown.
This unique brown has a very intense color pay off. It is a color I have not seen before. It is a dark brown with a almost metallic pewter undertone. The shimmer is amazing, and it is so pigmented that you only need the slightest dab of your brush on the pan in order to get high pigmentation.  It is difficult to see the true color of this in pictures. Definitely swatch it if you ever go to Sephora or any NARS counter.


Final Thoughts
For high end shadows, I think these are marvelous. The only reason why I don't purchase any more is because they are expensive and one single shadow will last you a very long time. I already have plenty of colors to use anyways. If I could recommend only one of the shades above it would be Ashes To Ashes. Ashes to Ashes is a beautiful neutral shade that can be worn everyday or any occasion. It suits many skin tones and it is overall the most practical shade. Other shades I love are Mekong and Strada. Night Flight is a great alternative to a basic black and I would only recommend it to people who wear dark shadows often. Galapagos is great for neutral lovers, and Tropic for people who like bright shadows.
I definitely need to use these more often...

Hope you found this helpful. Do you have any NARS eyeshadows? If not, would you consider investing in one shade?


  1. Great collection!

    All of them are gorgeous but I just can't stop looking at Strada!

  2. Woww all the shades are damn beautiful <3 Great collection!!!!

  3. These are gorgeous! The only two NARS shadows I own are Night Porter and Night Fever. They're so black that I generally only wear them as liners.

  4. Wow~ Strada looks beautiful, and Ashes to Ashes would be great for neutral eye makeup looks! :D

  5. I don't actually own any of the NARS single eyeshadows - only in palette form - coz they're so expensive! I love Ashes to Ashes and Mekong though. So pretty!!

  6. They're too pricey, but Strada always tempts me... of the singles I only have Ondine. It's a sweet crease shade :)

  7. wow they are all so pretty and very pigmented

  8. I haven't got any NARS shadows but Night Flight looks amazing !!

    great post =)

    xxx Vee

  9. strada is goooorgeous. i don't have any nars shadows, shockingly....i have like 4 of their blushes though and love them to bits

  10. galapagos and mekong - tese shades are great :)

  11. Wow! I just love the sparkles they have!

  12. Love all of them, eye catching!

  13. Strada and Ashes to Ashes are gorgeous!!!! *o* Maybe some day I can go splurge on one. heh.

  14. Nars eyeshadows are amazing!!! Galapagos is one of my all time favorites... and the name--who can resist the name!!! but you're right... they do run a pretty penny :(

  15. I've wanted Strada for sooo long now. Will have to invest in Pixie Epoxy! I don't want the shimmer to disappear, gah

  16. I've got tropic as well, i love it but i wish it picked up more glitter!


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