Monday, February 27, 2012

Nail Polish Haul: Revlon, OPI, Julep, and Sinful Colors

Well hello there!
I am often reminded by my friends that I have a problem. I have a major obsession with nail polishes. I have way too many, but I just cannot resist a pretty little bottle of polish. I was doing pretty good in buying less polishes these past couple of months. I haven't purchased an OPI polish since the Pirates of the Caribbean collection back in late spring of last year! It has been a long time. I am a huge OPI fan, but none of the collections they released appealed to me. I have been really into Zoya these past months, so that also accounted for me not buying OPI. But I have been so tempted to buy some OPI polishes! So I gave in and went on a polish buying spree!
Lets go from least expensive to the most expensive~:

1. Sinful Colors Nail Art Polish in 'Time Off' ($1.79)
This is just a simply black nail art polish. I want to try some nail art and this was $1.79 at Rite Aid. Pretty good deal! I only just tried it very quickly and it seems to work well.

2. Revlon Polishes in 'Whimsical', 'Tangerine', and 'Fashionista' ($4.99 each, but BOGO 50% off)
I FINALLY was able to find Whimsical! I was so happy I snatched a second bottle to giveaway to you guys (more info on that later). I don't think I ever mentioned this, but in December I had purchased the DL 'Glitter in the Air' polish. I liked it, but it wasn't worth the $18 so I returned it. I am happy that Revlon made a dupe. I think this Revlon one is actually better than the DL one.

I also picked up Tangerine since I had been eying it for a while and I want a pretty orange color for spring. This color really reminds me of the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy.

The last one I got was 'Fashionista'. The color reminds me of MAC's 'Morning After' polish from the Alice+Olivia collection, which I own and love.Sadly, it is not a dupe, but it is still a gorgeous saturated teal.

3. Revlon ColorStay polish in 'Rain Forest' ($6-$7)
I have seen the display of this new range of colors by Revlon. Only one color really stood out to me and it is this glittery forest green. It is stunning! The polish was expensive for being Revlon, but it is a very long wearing polish.

4.OPI Muppets Collection 'Warm & Fozzie' ($3.99)
I was not going to buy this although I really wanted it. I saw it at my local grocery store (Raley's) for $3.99 though (it was on sale!) and I didn't think twice when I immediately grabbed it like a desperate mad woman. If anyone was around I would have probably hissed at them so they didn't take away my precious! LOL. Just kidding...or am I o_O"

5. OPI Nicki Minaj Collection 'Save Me' and 'Super Bass' ($8.50 each)
Before anything, let me tell you this: I absolutely abhor Nicki Minaj. That is why I didn't even look into this collection when it first came out. I happened to stumble across the display at my salon, and I could not resist the pretty colors. I literally cringed while buying these (similar to the time I bought the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber polishes, but this was about 3 times worse), but I will just pretend that they are in no way liked to Nicki Minaj.

'Save Me' is just a gorgeous glitter polish! Silver glitter with holo bar glitter ;D
'Super Bass' is a shimmery purple shatter. It is just a gorgeous purple!I don't have many shatters either so this is a nice addition.

'Super Bass' Shatter

6. Julep Maven Polishes from January and February (FREE. My dad paid them for me. Woot)

I have not shown you guys the Julep polishes for a while! My inconsistency is due to the fact that sometimes I skip the month or mostly because the box is sent to my friends house. I had them sent to her house because I used to live there, and I just forgot to change the address. But these are the two sets for January and February. I have only tried Hayden. I didn't like it much.

January: Megan, Leah, Hayden, and Nail Therapy
 February: Rachel, Oscar, and Elizabeth

And more to come?
Yes. There is more to come. I already pre-ordered some of the China Glaze Capitol Colors polishes. I am planning on buying few more from that collection though. I also want one or two colors from the OPI Holland collection~ I am also waiting for the upcoming Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection and two of the Cult Nails collections!!
Jeez...February and March are filled with awesome polishes! This is good, but bad too! I actually am currently cleaning up my nail polish collection right now ^_^ Getting rid of old polishes and giving away ones that I never use.

Wow, that was a lot! Well, I give you permission to scold me for buying so many nail polishes in the span of a couple of days Dx I will try my best to have swatches for all of these as soon as possible!


  1. All your polishes are beautiful! I love whimsical, reminds me a little of a lynderelaa colour.

  2. Don't worry, we won't think bad of you for buying nail polishes ! :p At least I wont ! My collection keeps growing and growing and I must stop !!!

    Nice ones you picked up, I'm all over this Nicki Minaj glittery one ! It's so pretty!!!

  3. The Julep polishes are beauuuutiful! And the Revlon one looks gorgeous as well.
    I also have a nail polish addiction. Add that to my shoes addiction, and I'm pretty much broke at the end of the day. :(

  4. i have and love the tangerine polish

  5. omg the Julep polishes are all gorgeous, don't ask me to pick a favorite hehe.. and I loove that Revlon Whimsical, it's such a perfect name too :))

  6. alot of ppl were talking about Julep polishes, if i was big on nail polishes, i'd try them out, the colours look absolutely gorgeous~~~~i luv the three colours from February~~~so pretty



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