Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haul + First Impression: Zoya and Maybelline Color Tattoos

It has been a while since my last haul post (or maybe it's just me)! I have stuck to my makeup ban pretty well and have only occasionally purchased something. For the past half year or so, Zoya has really impressed me. And recently two new collections were released. I had to pick up a couple of colors :) I also picked up two more of the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows (I was buying some for Suzanne and I couldn't help myself).

1. Zoya Fleck Effects
These were released in January and I had patiently waited until they were in stores. I buy mine at my Uni's bookstore (very odd, but convenient for me). They just came in this week so I hurridly went to pick some up. I didn't buy all three, but I ended up with Chloe and Maisie. I was 100% sure I was going to buy Chloe, and I ended up getting Maisie on a whim. I LOVE both~ I am very surprised to be loving Maisie. Both colors look amazing over dark purple! The formula is fabulous: they are not thick and dry pretty fast.
 Chloe is a sheer pinky-coral base with gold, red, orange, and green flakes.
 Maisie is a sheer blue base with with green and blue flakes.


2. Zoya Tru Collection
When I went to get the flaky polishes, I also saw the new Tru collection. I had already seen swatches of them, and I knew I wanted two of the colors. Surprise, surprise! I picked out the two purples of the collection: Tru and Lotus. Both colors have the amazing Zoya formula. They are not thick, and they go completely opaque in 2 coats. They dry really fast too!
 Tru is a red-toned, bright purple with coppery-red shimmers.
Lotus is a cool-toned purple with pink-purple shimmers.

Index: Lotus and Chloe
Middle: Tru and Maisie
Ring: Lotus and Maisie
Pinky: Tru and Chloe

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows
I have already purchased a few of these (you can see then HERE), but I decided to pick up two more. I got Pomegranate Punk and Fierce and Tangy. Both are FABULOUS. They are super pigmented, smooth, and they last hours (I have not had them crease or budge, even when I wear them for 12 hours). Without a doubt, these are the best cream shadows I have ever used. A little warning though: they dry quickly, and once they dry they will not blend. If you want to blend them out, make sure to do it quickly. Both of these colors are not matte. Fierce and Tangy has some shimmers and Pomegranate Punk had silver glitters. I personally love that they are not matte, but I some of you prefer matte colors.

Slightly blended swatches.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them?


  1. I have those color tattoos. I love Pomegranate Punk =)

    Nice haul!

  2. love those polishes , great shades

  3. The zoya nail polishes look so pretty specially Lotus.
    I also want to invite you to check out my Valentine's giveaway of 2 mini china glaze nail polishes

  4. What drool-worthy purples <3 I really ought to get fierce and tangy to wear as a base with the new MAC quad, no? I *thought* I was on a makeup ban, limiting my buying of products and cutting out entire categories, but when I tallied it up so far I've already spent $162 on beauty stuff in February >_< I am hopeless!

  5. That pomegranate shade is so unique. I'll definitely pick up some of the colour tattoo's once they hit Aus. :D

  6. The flakey nail polishes look amazing! It's really hard to find flakies here in Malaysia unless you order them online. T__T

  7. I love everything you've shown in this post! I need to try Zoya polishes, they look absolutely gorgeous. And that Pomegranate Punk Color Tattoo cream shadow is one of my current favorites. They are such great quality.

  8. It's really hard to find Zoya Polishes in our area...I guess I have to look online then hehehe. Zoya's Maisie is really lovely...I want it! :)

  9. Chloe and Maisie are the shit! I've never tried Zoya - maybe I should start getting into it? ;P


  10. love tru and think i'll get the orange tattoo! it's so pretty

  11. OMG super great colors!!! i am praying to the makeup gods that color tattoo becomes available in the philippines SOON!

  12. The two first polishes look gorgeous !! and I'm SO impatient to get these colour tatoos over in the UK (I hope they will release them here too!) The orange one looks amazing =)

    xxx Vee


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