Friday, September 2, 2011

August Favorites 2011

The month of August has passed by so fast! And with its I have discovered new really awesome products!~

First up is some skincare stuff.
Left to Right: Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Moisturizer, Neutrogena scrub, Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray
1. Neutrogena Power Clear Scrub
I have been using this ever the entire month, and the tube above is actually my second tube. I love this scrub because it is so gentle and it is perfect for my combo skin. It does help with acne, but it does not work on under the skin bumps or cystic acne on me. But it helps to keep my skin clear of smaller breakouts and it cleans my pores. It is so gentle that I have been using this ever single night. Thanks to this and other products I have been using, I feel that my skin has improved slightly this month.

2.Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray
I have been using this as my toner after cleansing. This has a nice rose smell, which is very soothing. It helps to removed any left over makeup and dirt on my skin as well as to lightly moisturize and hydrate my skin.
I think this is a perfect toner for people with oily skin because it moisturizes the skin without any oiliness. On the contrary, it leaves your skin supply and smooth, but also refreshed and free of any excess oils.

3.Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Daytime Moisturizer
I have been using this every morning as my moisturizer. It doesn't contain SPF, so I have to use a separate sunblock. This moisturizer says it combats breakouts, and I think it has helped with my acne prone skin. But the reason I have been loving this is because I feel it has helped my acne scars. Ever since I started using it (which was about a couple of days into August), some of my older acne scars have looked lighter and less prominent.

4. Reviva Labs Makeup Primer
I have not used a makeup primer in ages because primers have never worked for my skin. I began using this primer, and oh my! I love it. It actually does help my foundation look better, and it does not break me out (primers have always broken me out). I have been using it every single day after my day moisturizer and just before applying my foundation.

5. Skin79 Oriental BB Cream
This is what I have been using on my face most of the month. I like this because it is very light on the skin,but it still offers decent coverage. If I didn't use this, I would just use a concealer and powder. But I would say I had this on my skin for most of the month.

 6. NYX Matte Cream 'Addis Ababa'
I love everything about this: the color, smell, texture, and look. It is just a great bright color for the end of summer. Once fall starts I will still wear this because I like it so much.
7.Jack Black Lip Balm
I gave into the hype of this products and I bought it last month. At first I didn't think it was all that great, but I don't think I will be able be without it any more. I stopped using my other lip balms and this is what I have been using all the time. Constant use of this has made my lips much softer and less prone to chapping. I mentioned before that my lips are super dry and I had to exfoliate them everyday in order to maintain smooth lips. But with using this, I now only have to exfoliate my lips once every other week. This has really helped a lot.
As far as eye products and cheek products go, I have been using so many different things!

What are your favorites this month?


  1. The "Addis Ababa" Lip cream is perfect,all of the lip creams that came out are gorgeous!

  2. i love reading blogger's favorites! after reading your posts, i really want to try the brand nyx, and jack black. i've never tried anything by them yet.

  3. I really really want to try a BB cream, as well as those NYX lip creams! My favorite this month has to be l'oreal ticklep pink lipstick :)

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  5. I love Jack Black balms. I'm the same as you. I didn't get it at first, but now I love 'em!

  6. I have read a lot of good reviews about Skin79's Oriental BB cream. I would love to try this too since I love bb creams :)


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