Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was A Wizard

Hello! It seems I have been procrastinating with this post, seeing as this was I look I did like last week.

Sometimes I can't sleep, and I am really bored. During those times I usually study or I create makeup looks. On this particular night, I was feeling bold and evil~ I was also listening to this song by Chiodos called "I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was A Wizard" at 3 a.m. and I think this was a good late-night, evil look Bwahahaha. This could be good for a Halloween look or costume party~
I love that Chiodos song too so check it out if you want :D

Products Used
~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
~Wet N Wild 'Blue Had Me At Hello' Palette #2 and #4
Picture from http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/

~Wet N Wild 'Petal Pusher' Palette #1, 6, and 4
Picture from http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/

~KKCenterhk ES A500 lashes
~Dolly Wink liquid liner
~Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara

How to Achieve this Look
*This was so difficult to explain in words, so bare with me.

1.Apply a primer or base. (Pixie Epoxy)
2.Using an angled brush and a matte black shadow (Blue Had Me A Hello #4), make a line above the crease. Make it go from the outer corner of the eye all the way towards the inner corner, close to the nose. (Refer to the diagram picture below if you are confused). By doing this you will create a cut crease look, making the eye look much bigger than it actually is.
3. With a clean fluffy brush, blend the outer most perimeters of the black cut crease line. Blend, blend, blend~
4.With the same fluffy brush, apply a coppery purple from (Petal Pusher #6) above the cut crease and blend it into the black and also outwards towards the eyebrow. This will create a transition of color between the black and the purple.
5.With a flat shader brush, apply a bright purple with silver sparkles (Petal Pusher #4)  on the entire lid.
6.Apply a highlight color on the brow bone. I used a white with slight violet undertones (Petal Pusher #1).
7.With the angled brush and a the matte black, make two lines. The first line goes from the outer corner upwards towards the end of the eyebrow. The second line goes from the outer corner downwards towards the ear.Extend the lines as far as you like.These two lines should make a V shape.
8.Apply a silver shadow (Blue Had Me At Hello #2) and fill in the V area of the two lines that were made in step 7.
9.Taking the coppery purple (petal Pusher #6), apply in on the lower lash line.
10. Apply the same silver color (Blue Had Me At Hello #2) and apply it on the inner corner.
11.Apply mascara, lashes, and liquid liner.

I hope the diagrams help a little @_@

More Pictures...

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog~ I hope you enjoy!


  1. Girl, I swear you have the best pictures of your eyeshadows. Show me how it's done. Haha. But for reals, I love this look. Stunning work, hun!

  2. *mouth drops* this is HEAVEN! you are a wizard because you conjured up pure magic with this look, LOVE it! come do my eyes :D

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  3. THE BEST eye makeup!! Aaaahhh Chiodos!!!! <33

  4. very beautiful, you do amazing looks(:

    <3 BB

  5. wow!!!! i love this look, i always wondered how u did it since i always see it in your banner hehe

    i think u explained it quite well. explained this stuff is actually really complicated! haha i am usually too lazy to explain & my looks r always the same...just different colors XD

  6. Wow! You've done an amazing job with this look, it's flawless!

  7. God, this is amazing. COME AND DO MY MAKEUP PLZ. lol

  8. wow!! you have a very beautiful eyes!! people have eyes like that should be proud, i love it!! :) by the way, im your new follower :)

  9. You are my ultimate inspiration when it comes to EOTDs! Love the different shapes and angles you incorporated into this look, works so well together!

  10. You did it again, wow! I wish these kind of looks would look good on my eyes, my eyes are really big and I end up looking scary!

  11. hey you have an awesome blog !!

    Im having a HUGEEE beauty giveaway which ends in about a week, so please make sure you stop by and get your entries in :)



  12. gorgeous as always :D
    thank u for sharing!!

  13. GORGEOUS! Your eyes definitely spark with wizardry! Love love love!

  14. FAVORITE LOOK THUS FAR!!! Loving the deep crease in the inner corner--ferocious!!!


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