Monday, September 19, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute 'Spledid Frost' Kaleidoscope

*Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. I thought I had posted it, but I guess I never did @_@

Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes are small sets that come with four different colors for eyes, cheeks, or face (depending on which Kaleidoscope you get).

Splendid Frost is a set that includes four different eyeshadow colors that are supposed to compliment each other. It includes a shimmery taupe, a matte cement grey, a peachy pink with gold shimmer, and gorgeous deep blue with pink and gold micro-glitter.

Price and Availability
This retails for $95 (Yes, very expensive, but this is a luxury brand). It was limited edition and I purchased it from Nordstrom about a month or two ago. I am not sure where you can get this right now :/

The packaging is cute and unique, but it has some negative aspects. Firstly, the eyeshadow pans are lazily glued onto the individual slot. I wish they were put there with magnets, because the pans can come out very easily. All four of mine were not glued at all, so if I tilt the packaging they can come out. Also, the tops of the eyeshadows can be scraped if they are not glued because they will hit the packaging if they slide out of the pan. Not everyone will have these issues though, it depends on the one you get. So although I like the idea of the packaging, they should improve the design slightly (I believe they are improving the design, or so I heard).

Product Review
Although this is extremely expensive, the eyeshadows are amazing. They are buttery smooth!

 The first color is a shimmery taupe with bronze undertones. This one is the most pigmented and the smoothest of the four. It applies like a dream, and my swatch does not do it any justice. It is a very unique taupe because it has a beautiful array of subtle multi-colored shimmer that really makes this a gorgeous neutral shade.

The second color is a matte cement grey. It might not seem special, but it is a great color to have in the set. This is a perfect color for blending or to apply in the crease. It fits very well with the other colors and it adds a matte texture to the other shimmery ones. This one is also the least pigmented of the bunch, but you can build up the color if you wish.

The third color is a peach toned pink with lovely gold shimmer. At first I thought this was a blush, but it is indeed an eyeshadow. You can definitely use it as a blush though. This one is surprisingly pigmented and will really pop on the eyes.

The last color, and my favorite, is this beautiful deep blue that has pink and gold micro-glitter. This is a simply amazing color! And again, my swatch cannot show the true beauty of the micro-glitter. This one is also has great pigmentation, although it is not as smooth as the rest because it has chunkier shimmer. Don't worry, the micro-glitter is very fine and it is not overpowering!
The color reminds me of a slightly darker version of MAC Deep Truth. The pink and gold micro-glitter serve to tie in this color to the peachy pink eyeshadow from the set. So now you see that the peachy pink shadow is not randomly placed in the Splendid Frost kit

I absolutely love all the colors, especially the taupe and the blue shadows. The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing, and I wished they were cheaper T_T
(Although the price bothers me, this was purchased for me by my dad as a gift.Thought I should mention that)
The packaging is cute and convenient, but it needs some improvement.
Overall I am extremely happy with this, and I will be making some eye looks with this :D

Rating: 9/10 (price -.5 and packaging issues -.5)
Recommend? I would say if you love high end makeup or you love makeup in general, this is definitely something to look into.
Repurchase? No. They are too expensive for backups. But I will enjoy the one I own, and will consider purchasing a different Kaleidoscope.


  1. Wow, these are BEAUTIFUL swatches! I absolutely love the blue!

  2. wooow. SO expensive but so beautiful. I shudder to think what they'd be if they sold them in australia.

  3. $95?!?! Damn. The last color is also my favorite. I just love it. =)

  4. blue shade is awesome...thanx for swatches

    i would love if u follow

  5. Wah! You got these shadows! XD I'm jealous. They're so pretty! I love the blue. But boo, they had to be so pricey. -sigh- But, I think they're a great addition to your collection. :] Can't wait to see looks from you using these colors!

  6. i have heard great things about this brand but it i agree that it is very expensive! all in all i'd say it's a good investment since you seem to like it dear. :D

  7. Le Metier makes some of my favorite products!

  8. This is such a lovely palette!!! The shades are absolutely gorgeous and love the packaging!!

  9. These shadows look amazing, especially the deep blue. I love the packaging of this! But $'s a little too much for me...

  10. this palette is gorgeous! but omgggg so expensive, def a special purchase for you then! how nice of your dad to get it for u :D EOTD w this palette plz!!

  11. These Kaleidoscopes are so beautiful! I've been trying to resist them for months now since they are pricey.

    IA, would love an EOTD :)

  12. All those shades are so beautiful!! It looks so pigmented :D

  13. I have a few kaleidoscopes now and I have to say that Splendid Frost is the best overall. :) I'm glad that you got this one out of all the ones out there!


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