Monday, September 19, 2011

The Healthy Sandwich

This is a super random post but I felt compelled to write about this topic. The other day my brother and I went to Subway, which if you don't know is a place where they sell subs and sandwiches. We were discussing how some people believe that if they eat subway regularly, they will lose weight. That is kind of ridiculous, especially because they order foot long subs with extra meat and mayo. Being the sandwich lover that I am, I wanted to think about ingredients you would put in a sandwich to make it healthier. Here is what I came up with:

1. 100% Whole Wheat Bread
-None of that white bread, or multi-grain stuff.

2. No Mayo
-Mayo has a ton of calories and fat, and many times people don't realize how much mayo they put in their sandwich. I noticed my brother uses amout 2 tbsp of mayo, which is over 200 calories and 22 grams of fat! That is insane~  (But he is still as skinny as a stick! Not fair!)
A great substitute for mayo is mustard. I use Jack Daniel's Hickory Smoked Mustard which is 5 calories per tsp and zero fat. Did I mention sandwiches taste really good with mustard? No? Well it does!

3. Lean Meats
-Instead of using beef or pork meats, use lean meats like chicken and turkey. I love using thin turkey ham for my sandwiches.You can also try tuna sandwiches!

4. Cheese?
-I prefer sandwiches with no cheese, and I think that makes my sandwich even healthier. But if you like it with cheese, just make sure you don't add too much. Cheese is not unhealthy, but too much can be.

5. Veggies FTW
-Go crazy with other healthy ingredients. You can mix and match so many different veggies and herbs. My personal favorites are lettuce, avocado (good, healthy fat), tomatoes, and pickles. I also love to put basil leaves in my sandwiches sometimes. But the beauty of a sandwich is that you can always make it different because there are so many choices.

These guide lines are great for people like me who eat sandwiches all the time. I never get bored of them! It is also great because I am always at school and I hardly have time to make a proper meal. A sandwich thus can be something quick and easy to make, but it can still be healthy and nutritious. It is much better than eating fast food and junk food! I swear that when I eat these types of sandwiches often, I lose weight, really.

Thank you for reading and until next time :D
*I am not a nutrition expert, this is merely my own opinion. always consult with your doctor/nutritionist for professional advice.


  1. i'm also not a nutrition expert but i pretty much agree with everything you've stated above. :) i could never figure out why people think subway will make them thinner/healthier. xD maybe it's the advertisements although mayo and other dressings may add calories so i agree that people ought to stick to mustard.

  2. I agree with you hun and Sugar Sugar~ I need to watch what I eat!! Been so naughty with my food lately!

  3. @sugar sugar:Who knows! People can be so naive too believe everything commercials or advertisements say. I used to be so against mustard; I didn't like how it tasted. But there are so many different kinds of mustard that you will probably find one you like ^_^

    @PopBlush: :D Its okay to indulge once in a while. But believe me, I was being a very bad eater as well!

  4. Yes sandwiches may seem small and faster to eat than your regular meal but it does contain the same calories as well. :) Anyhow, I totally agree that sandwiches are the best food on the go. :)

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  5. Thanks for the tips!! It's hard eating healthy sometimes, but I find that controlling proportions also helps a lot. Eat a little of your favorite things, and more of the healthier alternatives, and all is good to go!


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