Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Estee Lauder 'Surreal Violet ' Nail Lacquer

*NOTE: The photos were taken before I cut my nails and that is why I have long nails here.

A couple of months ago I picked up this polish at my local Cosmetic Company Outlet. I was browsing around and I saw the Estee Lauder nail lacquers and thought I should try one. This was the color that appealed to me the most~

Surreal Violet is a greyed mauve/purple with gold and copper shimmers. I did not own another color such as this, and though it would be a unique color to add to my ever-growing collection.

Price and Availability
Originally $18 for a .3 fl oz bottle. But I purchased mine for $12.75 at a CCO.

Although it is semi-sheer, the polish is not too watery. That makes this polish opaque in 2-3 coats. It dries quickly, which is an added plus. It wears nicely as well; I wore this for a week straight without chipping.


This was a little expensive, but I really like it. The color is unique and it looks very feminine and chic on the nails. It is a little sheer at first, but it build up nicely. I would suggest checking your CCO to see if they have this color available~

Rating: 9/10
Recommend? Yes! If you are willing to spend more than $10 on a nail polish and you love dusty purples, check this one out!
Repurchase? Actually, I think I would. This is wearable and appropriate for many situations.


  1. Nice post!
    It reminds me of Zoya Zara. However they are different...

  2. That is unique! Wow, it's on my wishlist. :)

  3. How does this color compare to the RBL one? Either way, it sure is gorgeous!! I also really like the name, very appropriate!

  4. That's *so pretty*! I want this so badly, now!

  5. Dusty purples normally look awful on me, but this is really beautiful with the shimmer.

  6. Aww the color is so pretty! I really want it!

  7. I love this color it's really pretty !

  8. What a gorgeous color!!!! Ah! This would be perfect for the upcoming fall/winter as it still gives a nice pop of color. :]

  9. it looks like an expensive colors with those gold shimmer!! *Q*


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