Monday, April 9, 2012

Dark Side Tips: Concert Makeup

Are you a concert fiend like me? Are you afraid that your makeup will melt off while moshing? Or are you simply confused about what makeup to wear to a concert? Don't fear, the Dark Side of Beauty is here! Although my tips are going to focus on rock/metal type of concerts, these tips could be applied to all sorts of concerts.

1. Avoid the cake face / overdone foundation. 
This is a huge no-no, and I can say this by personal experience. Go light with your foundation or apply a lightweight and sweat-proof foundation. If you can, avoid applying foundation at all. Maybe stick with a long lasting concealer instead.
Why is this? Well because you will sweat and your foundation will look patchy and gross. If you are in a crowded area, with other pushed up so close against you that their sweat will get on you, you beat that your face will start to sweat and the foundation will just melt off. So keep it simple; apply something that will be easy to touch up. Concealer and a light but long lasting foundation will be better than a high coverage, mask-like foundation.
YSL Teint Resist Foundation / MAC Studio Finish Concealer  /  Everyday Minerals Kabuki brush

I recommend using a concealer like the MAC Studio Finish concealer and a foundation like the YSL Teint Resist Long Wear Foundation. The concealer has really great coverage and it will last all day long, even through all the sweating. The YSL foundation is very lightweight foundation that has a semi-matte finish. This is great for those with oily skin because it leaves the skin matte but still rather natural-looking.
I wore this combo to the last concert I went to and it is the best my foundation has looked after a brutal session of moshing/sweating/jumping.

2. Make sure to properly prime your skin prior to foundation
You could skip this step. But this is a life saver during concerts like Warped Tour, where you are outside all day in the heat during the summer time. What I do: apply my moisturizer, then use a blotting sheet to remove any extra oil on my skin. Finally, I apply my primer. Wait about a minute and apply foundation or concealer.
Tatcha blotting sheets /  Reviva Labs Makeup Primer

3. Eyeshadow Primer is your best friend
If you want to do a heavy eyeshadow look, don't skip the eyeshadow primer! It will keep your eyeshadow from creasing and it will keep your eyeshadow looking awesome all night long.

4. Avoid pencil liners or products that crease or smudge
Unless you want to come out of the concert transformed as a raccoon, then I suggest your skip out on the pencil liner. Many times, pencil liners or other similar creamy products shift around too much and they will crease/smudge one you start to sweat. I would opt for liquid liner or a black powder eyeshadow.

5. Powder blush > cream blush
You can definitely apply cream blush if you want to, but I personally prefer to go for powder blushes. They won't make your face shiny or oily, and they will actually help to keep your face matte (on your cheeks at least).

6. Bright lips? Lip liner!
I actually just learned my lesson this past concert. Don't wear a bright lipstick without a lip liner unless you are able to touch up your lipstick constantly. And if you are in the middle of a rowdy crowd, I would find it hard to re-apply lipstick. Lip liner will keep your lipstick in place and it will make it last longer.

MAC Coy Blush /  MAC Violetta Lipstick

This is what my makeup looked like after the last concert I went to. I just retouched my lipstick, since I had not worn any lip liner. My eyeshadow is a little faded, but I don't have super raccoon eyes. My acne scars are a little visible, but my foundation is intact for the most part (can't say the same for my hair!).

I hope this helps! And good luck!


  1. Great post, Nancy! I really appreciate these tips! They also double well for just summer makeup in general :)

  2. Awesome idea for a post! And awesome post in general. :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! :) I'm going for a concert (at an artificial beach no less! LOL) this weekend, and totally wondering if I should even wear any makeup to attend.

  4. The lipstick looks lovely.

    Emma x

  5. Agree, such a good post, enjoyed reading it!

  6. You look so cute. Love the braid in your hair :) I agree with your tips except for a couple of things: layering cream blush under powder blush makes both last longer, and a similar rule for a pencil liner underneath a powder shadow! Also, don't you think smudgy/smoky looks are a good option because if it gets a bit messed up you might just look more rock'n'roll?

    1. Yes most definitely! Of course everything depends on how makeup works best for you. The cream blush fort he powder blush is totally true. But I have found that the pencil liner under powder eyeshadow does not work for me. Ah yes, rock n roll indeed! I usually prefer to skip the smudgy look unless I am doing a smokey eye, but by all means go for it!

  7. I love Tatcha blotting sheets! What eye-shadow primer do you use?

    1. I use different ones. If I want a super good primer I will usually layer my MAC Paint Pot under my ELF eyelid primer :)

  8. Great post, I've had many a hot night in a club and agree that less really is more with the foundation, especially as your skin will feel a bit gross after all those hours!!

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