Sunday, April 1, 2012

KKCenterhk Review: CUICU Single EyeShadow 'Coral' and 'Violet'

You might remember a review I did a while ago about the CUICU eyeshadow palette. I thought the eyeshadows were really great, and I wanted to try more from that same brand. KKCenterhk was awesome enough to provide two single eyeshadows from this same brand for review. These are the CUICU Flashing Diamond Single EyeShadow in #7 Coral and #21 Violet. These are called "flashing diamond" but they are matte colors @_@

Price and Availability
These are $4.83 on the KKCenterhk website.


Use the code "yamismakeup" for 10% off you entire KKCenterhk purchase


These are single eyeshadows and each container has 4.2g of product. The packaging is a little bulky but it is durable. The clear lid makes it easy to find the color I am looking for as well.


#7 Coral is a bright coral toned orange

#21 Violet is a bright slightly blue-toned purple.

These are really awesome matte shades! Although I have never tried Sugar Pill pressed shadows, I am going to just say these seem like similar type of eyeshadows. They are bright, matte, and did I say bright already? Very fantastic shades! I will say that they can be a little chalky, especially the orange shade. But if you apply them and blend them they should not look chalky at all. They are chalkier when swatched though. I am pleasantly surprised that these are so pigmented. For the price, I had thought they would have been super streaky and sheer, but they are not! If you are looking for some decent matte shades that won't cost you about $20, I highly recommend you check these out! There is a really great color range from this bright orange to browns, whites, and blues.

Rating 8/10

Eye Look

Check a tutorial on the look below that I created using both of these shades HERE


  1. Woah, these are gorgeous! They DO look similar to Sugarpill!

  2. Almost rainbow eyes. Gorgeous. I'm surprised by their excellent quality, especially for that price!

  3. These look amazing, and I agree they are similar to Sugarpill. I wonder if they do a shade similar to Midori...*clicks off to check out the site* x

    1. Hehe I have no clue, it would be awesome if they did!

  4. Very nice colors! I think the coral one could look great as a blush, too... just, less of it haha. :P

  5. LOVE the eye look, Nancy!! What gorgeous and pigmented colors!

  6. So bright. I'd be too afraid to wear the orange, but I could work that purple... maybe. d:

    1. Haha, what ever you feel comfortable in!


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